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safekey customer service presentation

No description

nicole vigil

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of safekey customer service presentation

Follow Through
Speak well of your organization
Always speak truthfully and respectfully
Do what you say you will do
Don’t promise more than you are authorized to deliver.
Who Are Your Customers?
Principals/School Staff
Keep all areas of your facility clean and neat
Likes face to face meetings
Likes to argue, needs to win
Always puts it in writing
Impersonal approach
Comfy speaking
Uses style best suited to goals
Wants results and relationships
Global Thinker
Puts relationships first
Warm and fuzzy approach
Avoids conflict at all costs
Picks safest communication
Invisible Man/Woman
Establish a Relationship
Establish a Relationship
Use the customer’s name and encourage them to use yours.
Parent Interactions
Be ready to listen to their concerns
Pay attention to your body language
Always use the Two Second Rule
Customers want to feel that somebody cares about them and their concerns.
Show Empathy…
What you say is important,
but how you say it is more important!!
Basic Customer Service
Greet your customers
Stay calm
Be agreeable
Make It Difficult
To Be Difficult
Develop an
Attitude of Gratitude
In Your Face
Bad Habits of
Customer Service
Cell phone use is NOT allowed
Being late/excessive call in
Not taking responsibility for your actions or lack of action
The Art of Talking to Children
Be stern, yet caring
Be respectful
Get on their level
Listen to what they have to say

100% Safety and Fun
Our participants are our most important asset and their safety is our greatest responsibility
Staff Involvement
All staff should be actively engaged in activities
Compliment staff members
Compliment/Encourage the kids
Report Writing 101
Assess the situation if it’s a dispute
Get a statement from each individual involved
Make sure you fill out the appropriate form for the situation
Follow-up in cases of injury/illness
Exceptional service moments don’t come from rule books or policy manuals. They come from PEOPLE who care…
Stress Management

Take a break from the situation
Ask for help
We are all here to help each other

Customer Service has to be the number ONE priority throughout the department

“There are no bad children, only children with bad examples.”
What if you started every day like this?
You can do anything!
What type of worker are you?
Safekey Office

Customer Service

Common Sense
There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.
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