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Interview Ettiqute/ Resume tips

No description

Karyn McCarty

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Interview Ettiqute/ Resume tips

Interview Tips + Etiquette
Research the Company
Job Description
Am I qualified for this position?
Is this company a good fit for me?
Is this position right for me?!
Networking and Marketing
Networking Yourself
Using Social Media
Catering Your resume
Phone Interview
The Do's + Do Not's

Do Not's
Clear your calendar
Be in a quiet room
Good cell phone reception
Speak clearly
Take notes
Prepare questions
Pay attention to body language
Practice communication
No energy
Lack knowledge of company
Ramble off point
Worry about gaps of silence
Unprofessional voicemail
In-Person Interview
Be confident
Review Interview Questions
Eye contact
Body Language
The Handshake To Do's:
Maintain eye contact
The Handshake NoNo's:
"Limp Fish"
Bone breaking
"Rollercoaster Shake"

Untidy personal appearance
Inability to express information clearly
Lack of genuine interest or enthusiasm
Unwillingness to work your way up the ladder
Negative attitude
Lack of eye contact
Incomplete or sloppy application
Things to avoid:
How long has the company been in business?
Has it always been located where it is today?
Has it grown at all in the past few years?
Things not to ask/say:
What sort of perks do you offer?
What does your company do?
I just want a job-any job!
My biggest weakness is that I work too hard
At the end of the interview:
• Thank the interviewers for their time.
• Request a business card.
• Shake hands in closing.
• Two or three days after the interview send a thank you note
addressed to the interviewers
Be Prepared!
Identify What You Have to Sell
Prepare Examples
Develop Intelligent Questions
Develop Your Close
Prepare to Talk About Your Resume
Qualities we look for in every hire:
What can you do now as a college student to prepare for future interviews?
Get involved and update your resume
Think of specific examples of experiences you have excelled in
Take advantage of what your career services has to offer
Attend Career Fairs to build your network
Practice public speaking
Create a LinkedIn account
Sample Interview Questions:
What sets you a part from other candidates?
Have you ever been in a leadership role?
What are you looking for in a position?
Can you think of a time where you've had to overcome a challenge professionally?
What are some of your long term career goals?
If we were to ask past employers to describe you, what would they say?
Career Fair Tips:
Have a game plan
Get a business card from the recruiter so you can follow up
Do not ask "What do you have for me?"
Hold onto the information you receive
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