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Ashley Calvert

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of mexico

The flag
points of interest
Mexico is located at 19n and 99w. Mexico is on the North American continent and south of the United States. Mexico is bordered on the north by the United States, on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean, and the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea, and on the east by the Golf of Mexico. And the capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

The Mexican flag is very symbolic among mexican people. The colors green,white and red. Green:represents hope for a better nation, where people join together to achieve and maintain peace between them
white:represents the purity of catholic faith
red:the color of blood .With the inclusion of this color on their flag, mexican people pay tribute to those who died during the terrible war for independence.
Close to 90 percent of mexican people are catholic with strong family values. Typical womans wardrobe includes skirts, sleeveless tunies,called huipils, capes knows as quenchque milts and shawls called vebozos.
One distinguishing acrticle of traditional mens clothing is a large blanket cape called a sarape. Boots are also a staple
Traditional celebration clothing include sombreros and the churro suits worn by mariachi bands.
Hello I did my report on Mexico because it is one of my nationalities and I think it is a great place to visit. Hope you enjoy:)
The president of Mexico is Enrique Pena Nieto
Chichen Itza, Puerto Vallarta,Teotihuacan,Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Oaxaca, Guadalajara Centro Historico of Mexico City.
Mexico is run by a federal republic under a centralize
Monetary unit
The population of Mexico is 120,286,655
Mexico is the 14th largest by land area
There are 31 states in Mexico
The official language of Mexico is spanish.
Tamales- steamed masa with a meat filling usually pork and chicken.

Carnitas- tender and juicy fried pork, great in tacos.

Chilaqiles- lightly fried corn tortillas topped with a green or red sauce and melted cheese.

Spanish rice- flavored with tomatoes and garlic.
People get around Mexio by bus, train, taxi, car, boat, and walking.
Mexico's terrain: includes coastal low lands, central high plateaus, and high rugged mountains and desert.
Climate: varies from tropical to desert.
Main rivers: Balsas, Rio Grande, and Yaqui.
Major mountain range: Sierra Madre.
The northern sector is much like the desert southwest in the U.S. Central Mexico is primarily a volcanic plateau,surrounded by vast mountain ranges. Southern Mexico with its seacoast,jungles,and marshes to native Mayan culture with temples,towns,and pyramids. Yucatan Peninsula a tropical paradise, The Pacific Coast & Baja Peninsula great vacation spots.
Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos This holiday takes place over the first two days of November. Its origins are a mixture of Native American traditions and a set of catholic holidays.
Dia del los Muertos is a holiday for remembering and honoring those who have passed. It is most often celebrated in homes and graveyards. Its a celebration of one's family alive and dead and remembering those who are no longer alive. Seeing death as another stage following life not something to be faced with fear.
A Holiday
I think you will enjoy Mexico whether its enjoying some relaxation at Mexico's beautiful beach resorts,exploring stunning coral reefs,archaeological ruins, indigenous culture. Mexico has something to offer to everyone
Question: what is your favorite food from Mexico Answer: "my favorite food(s) is re fried beans and chilaquiles"
Question: what is one place you want to visit in Mexico that you haven't already visited Answer: "I would like to visit Acapulco"
Question: when you lived in Mexico what was your favorite thing to do
Answer: "when I was in Mexico my favorite thing to do was play soccer."

Animal/ Plant life
Plants in Mexico include Orchids, Cactus, Chrysanthemums, and poinsettias.
Animals- The cool north mountains has large mammals such as wolves, bears coyotes, foxes, and deers.
Tropical regions have jaguars, cougars, ocelots, tapirs, monkeys, and anteaters.
Burro's (donkey) are found throughout the country.
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