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ELG Reflections

No description

Connor Bell

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of ELG Reflections

Reflections on the ELG Project
thus far...
Redesign of physical space to make it more age-appropriate
Specific areas defined for specific activities
New Daily Routines
Different ages
call for different activities
and different materials
A better knowledge of child development
means that providers will be more aware of milestones and use that knowledge to guide their practice
The Early Learning Guidelines:
At a glance:
providers received consultations, materials
and supplies
training sessions
across the state
Better provider-parent relationships
Parent pull-outs were very popular
Some providers put ELG info in monthly newsletters
Providers are more confident expressing concerns
about children to parents
Specific areas
Specific learning experiences
More inviting and safe
The visitation added tremendous value to the project
Providers enjoyed talking to someone about issues in their programs
Materials and toys from Discount School Supply provided a much needed investment in some programs
Providers felt supported and connected to sources of advice
Without the visit, the ELGs may have just sat on the shelf
For more experienced providers, ELGs are a good reference
ELG notebook is “user friendly”
Training helps professionalize providers' programs
And boosts confidence and motivation
Challenges and Obstacles
Language Barrier
Caring for multiple age groups at once
Lack of education and training in child
Too few children
...but the materials were
Representative Comments
Sandra will incorporate new daily routines based on the information she finds in the ELG. She will look for ways to get more parent involvement and support through the parent pull-outs. She commented on the ELG, “…the information is very friendly and easy to share with parents. I am glad we have these resources.” I think the new materials will help Sandra to incorporate activities for infants and toddlers that support healthy growth and development.
The provider visualized herself as a teacher and not a baby sitter or nanny as she had previously. She also feels that she could better explain child development and she now has information that could back up what she is sharing with the families. The provider reported that she has improved her observation skills and is beginning to notice a child’s developmental skills more easily.
I feel that minimal changes will occur if Ms. Rivera is not able to obtain the support and resources in Spanish in order to help her facilitate a learning environment for the children in her care.
The provider will be able to talk to parents about child development without the concern that she will be making them think that there’s something wrong with their child. In addition, the parents will learn that their child is in the right track of development.
Jill only has 2 kids in her care right now that the guide is applicable to. Her questions and concerns were much more about how to care for multiple age groups at once, and so she did not find the guide to be useful in answering those questions for her.
During our visit I learned that Pam likes the ELG binder, but would use it more if it included information on child development stages up to 60 months of age or at least 48 months of age.
I think Donna had been disappointed after the workshop because she thought the guide was something completely different. I think had I not done the visit, it may have sat on a shelf and never been opened again. I think I helped Donna see that it has a very useful purpose, perhaps not what she had originally thought, but that it definitely has worth in her program.
Thank you!
Teresa was very happy to receive the ELG Handbook and be able to pass on information to the families. She has been looking for something like this for some time.
The ELGs were not helpful
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