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Dream time

No description

Shadi Sarvi

on 17 September 2017

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Transcript of Dream time

Dream time
Chapter 1 Lesson 4

You can understand a video globally.

You can take out the most important message from a voice mail.

You can find specific information in a text.

You can use the past simple.
Today's goals
What? Exercise 35, 36 & 37
How? by yourself or together
How long? 10 minutes
Done? continue with 38 or extra practice
my -> mine
your -> yours
his -> his
her -> hers
our -> ours
your -> yours
their -> theirs
Possessive pronouns
This is
this book is
Past Simple
- iets is in het verleden gebeurd, en ook voorbij.
- er staat bijvoorbeeld: last week, yesterday, in 2010.

Regelmatige ww: werkwoord + -ed

Onregelmatige ww: uit je hoofd leren
page 13 in workbook
exercise 33 & 34
Online workbook
try to log in via Magister.

- if it works: do grammar practice lesson 3
- if it doesn't work: irregular verbs on Meester Gijs
Homework & pleinles
Exercise 40, 41 & 42.

- Study part 1 of study box
'things to do', you need to know all words both ways!
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