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Maternity/Parental Leave in Canada

No description

Jules C

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Maternity/Parental Leave in Canada

Pols 404 Maternity/Parental
Leave in Canada Maternity and Parental LEave Basics Culture: IDEALS OF CARE and MOTHERHOOD MOther's CONCERNS Maternity Leave
maximum of 15 weeks of EI maternity

Parental Leave
maximum of 35 weeks to biological or adoptive parents
Two parents can share the 35 weeks of benefits

55% of average weekly earnings
qualifications 600 insurable hours
maximum income $42,3400 QPIP: Quebec PArental
insurance Plan Maximum insurable earnings of $62,000

Dedicated paternity leave (5 weeks)


Advantages of "Daddy Days":

Percentage of fathers subscribing to the plan doubled from 18% to 36% in 2010 Higher maternity leave benefit

Multiple births

Self-employed women

Lower qualifications Assumptions, Cultural perceptions Reactions are based on assumptions

Ideals of care for different classes

Culture matters

No relation to state's economic development Further DebateS: AMOunt of LEave Dec 2000 extension of parental leave from 2 months to 35 months

Contradictory to neoliberalism?

Keeping ties to Quebec women

Restrictive Eligibility
Exclusion of racialized women
Privatization of childcare Childless women can earn up to 30% more than a mother

Discrimination in the workplace

Unintentional discrimination

Take a look from the employer's perspective AFTER LEave: difficulties in the workplace NEW Developments: Bill C-44

New Entrepreneurs

Ontario Law Society Discussion Questions 1.How do Canadian "ideals of care" perpetuate in Canadian maternity and parental leave policies? 2.What would be an ideal parental leave policy, can we agree on one?

Are shorter/longer leaves better? 3. Do maternity and parental leave policies exacerbate the male-breadwinner model?

Aside from health concerns related to maternity leave, are gender and wage gaps aggravated by parental leave? Organization a) Basics of Maternity/Parental Leave

b) QUIP -Quebec

c) Cultural Study: Marissa Mayer

d) Assumptions; How Culture Plays
into Maternity/Parental Leave Policy

e) Amount of Leave, Neoliberalism

f) After Leave: Workplace Concerns

g) Current Mother Concerns

h) New Developments

i) Discussion Questions
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