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MDRs Around the Country!

Guess game to get to know your fellow MDR

Christian Rabino

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of MDRs Around the Country!

: MDRs around the country!
New York City! Part 1
Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL
Minneapolis, MN
Dallas, TX
New York City Part 2!
Dallas, TX
San Diego, CA
Chicago BlackHawks win the Stanley Cup! Sorry Tim!
Washington DC
Los Angeles, CA
Denver, CO
Seattle, WA
Hollywood, CA
San Francisco, CA
New York City, NY
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Miami, FL (South Beach)
Duluth, GA
Atlanta, GA
San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA
Houston, TX
Orange County, CA
Boston, MA
This is about 30 rather diverse people all working for one brand:
True Life: I'm a Canon MDR
You think you know, but you have no idea
What tips would you suggest to another MDR if they came to your market?
New York City
"Be Prepared, stay organized, this territory has no room for error"
"Cancel your gym membership, you won't need it"
"Tough up and get used to rude people all day"
Can you guess the market for each picture?
Dallas, TX
"Don't be afraid to engage the associates, they want to learn, they want to know more about the products they carry. If you are excited about the product they will be and
if all else fails, bribe them with candy
Seattle, WA
"1. Be careful in parking lots. Many drivers are very careless.
2. Drive carefully in the rain. Keep out of the way of maniacs in BMW's and RAM 1500's"
Minneapolis, MN
"Don't come from November - May, and if you do bring warm clothes."
Los Angeles, CA
"I would suggest they plan their routes carefully because
can be a pain."
"Plan your time over
, It helps to know your market, not only have all your supplies but know how long it will take you to get their. That causes less stress and you can be on your game from the get go..."
"Be prepared to work, store staffing is at an all time low do not expect any help. Engage associates they will not come to you."
"Work on your relationships and always get back to everyone on any questions about Canon."
"Be friendly, make a friend while in the store and always ask them what you can help out with.
Also, learn Spanish!
Atlanta, GA
"Work smart and organize calls in a geographic grid."
"Be friendly and helpful and people will reciprocate."
Chicago, IL
"Make sure you have a GPS!"
Now it's time to get to know our MDRs
We asked the MDRs what their favorite part of their market is:
"I like the small town feel this city has even though it's a fairly large city."
Peter Lee from Sacramento, CA
"That stores are not set too far apart from each other makes a easier drive."
Asim Vanterpool from New York City
"The long term relationships I have developed throughout the years."
MJ Worthington from Duluth, GA
"The beautiful mountains I get to see every day."
Frances Waddell from Denver, CO
"The drastic change in seasons"
Andy Burkstrand from Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I love exploring different neighborhoods I wouldn't normally visit. I love being in Time Square, downtown, uptown taking a stroll through Grand Central, because I can! transferring trains. I just love city life."
Amy Stark from New York City
"Well... It gives me a lot of alone time while getting to my stores... (traffic) No really I enjoy the accounts I call on, everyone is very nice and easy to work with.."
Janis Webb - LA, CA
"Fenway Park and Mark Wahlberg both are national treasures."
Tim Burns from Boston, MA
"Have many stores and everyday there is something new. Have lived here for 30 years and I know the area very well so driving is not a big deal even with traffic. Actually it is kind of fun especially on a clear day....Mountains everywhere."
Robert Baues from Orance County, CA
"No matter where I go and what day it is, I never know what to expect in the weather. It's bright and sunny one day then I go back the next day to overcast and chilly. It's just such a great difference from day to day, always changing it up on me."
Jason Loftis in San Francisco, CA
"The mountains and water"
Geoff De Lissovoy from Seattle, WA
"The weather is always great, the rolling hills and mountain ranges, it's a beautiful city. Every day as I set out and as I return home, I have the Pacific Ocean as my view."
Cherie Celeste from San Diego, CA
"The humidity, giant flying cockroaches and massive mosquitoes. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the fantastic Mexican food."
Reagan Windham from Houston, TX
"The attitude of the people working in this area is really positive and motivational."
Don Elfasi from Washington DC
"There is always something going on. Events, shows, festivals. There is never a dull moment."
Adam Rozeboom from Chicago, IL
"I would have to say no matter how bad the weather may be over here, I truly enjoy the mix of hot, and cold, rain and shine, heat and snow."
Jerry Reyes from NYC
"I enjoy the fast pace of my market."
Steven Harris from Orange County, CA
"My favorite part is the scenery when i visit the stores that are in the north side of the city. It's always nice to see the different parts of the city while driving. "
Andres Pena from Orlando, FL
Most Popular Answer:
"We have such a big cross section of people in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex....
the diversity of the people I meet.....
the diversity of people I work with....
the variety and diversity of this area, just minutes away from the nations birthplace the City of Philadelphia.....
my city is a melting pot...
Brian Seale
Margaret Armano
Lissa Good
Erik Hurtado
Miguel Bernal
Land of Diversity!
"Get ready to do explanations in
"Diversity is just in America, trust me,, I'm a scientist"
"Nope, we started from the bottom, now we're...
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