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Science Fair Project 2013

No description

Conner Wiseman

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair Project 2013

Science Fair Project 2013
"Every action has a reaction"

Iphone stop watch
meter stick
With the information that we gathered, it seems that calling decreased the reaction time. So, Conner's hypothesis was right and Savannah's hypothesis was wrong.
Does the difference between texting and talking on a cell phone effect reaction time? Using the reaction time for our manipulated variable and calling versus texting our independent variables. We became interested in this topic because texting and calling is common now days not only in teens, but with adults too.
We both have different testable explanations. Conner believes that calling will decrease reaction time more, while I think texting will.
Put your thumb and index finger on the 100 centimeter mark on the meter stick. Tell the test subject to put his/her index finger and thumb on the 0 centimeter mark. Drop the stick on the count of 3 and start the stop watch. Let the test subject catch it with his/her thumb and fore finger. Drop the meter stick and record the time in seconds and distance in centimeters. Do this procedure twice with no technology, twice with texting and twice with calling. Use two females and two males. The first time with a male, second time with female during all three procedures.
With no technology Conner caught it at 0.49 seconds at 23 centimeters. With no technology Emma caught it at 0.52 at 38 centimeters. With texting Conner caught it at 0.22 seconds at 22 centimeters. with texting Emma caught it at 0.11 seconds at 20 centimeters. With calling Conner caught it at 0.51 seconds at 48 centimeters. With calling Emma caught it at 0.62 seconds at 36 centimeters
We are Conner Wiseman and Savannah Wilson, just ordinary students that attend East Coweta highschool as freshman. We represent the school in the best way possible and enjoy Mrs. Daniels' Biology class.

Reactions: an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event
Text messaging: The service provided by a telecommunications company for transmitting text messages
Phone call: transmitting speech at a distance
Say you were texting or talking on your new Iphone and you tripped on your shoe lace and your phone slips out of your hand. Would you catch faster if you were texting, or calling?
Emma Martin
Bibliography and background information
Doyle, Megan. "Texting Versus Talking: The Effects of Cell Phones on Reaction Time." Education.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2013.
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