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Gothic Architecture

No description

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture
12th-16th centuries
French Style
Stained Glass Windows
Most famous characteristic of Gothic architecture
Twelfth-century German monk who called himself Theophilus
Picture version of the Bible when most people were illiterate
Evolutionary- using light as the component of building

Stone skyscrapers
The willingness to reach for heaven
New technology
Biblical ratio- Temple of Solomon

Milan Cathedral
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Notre Dame de Paris
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Peter of Montereau,
Jean de Chelles
Completed in 1345
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Various Architects
Castell Caernarfon
Commissioned by Edward I
Completed in 1287
Pointed Arches
"most fundamental element"
Likely influenced by Islamic architecture
Form and function
Prototyped earlier
Flying Buttress
Connected with the arches
Keeps the arches'
pressure inward
Pelplin Abbey
Ely Cathedral
Please Refer to the handout
Commissioned by Mściwoj II
Completed in 1557
Commissioned by Abbot Simeon
Work began in 11th century, became cathedral in 1109
St. Vitus Cathedral
Commissioned by Charles IV in 1344
Officially completed/consecrated in 1929
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Named Gothic in Renaissance
Jean De Chelles, Francesco Maria Richini, Reginald Ely
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