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Open Access to the Gold Standard: NWIS Web Services & Snapshot Tool for ArcGIS

Presentation for TNRIS GeoRodeo

Sally Holl

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Open Access to the Gold Standard: NWIS Web Services & Snapshot Tool for ArcGIS

National Water Information System :
The “gold standard” for water information
http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ August 2011 USGS Water Data for the Nation (NWISWeb) Database The Challenge: Retrieving and Preprocessing NWIS Water Quality Data How does a scientist retrieve, manage, and map information from NWIS? NWIS Web Services Snapshot 1. Retrieve sites in your study area. 2. Retrieve data to a relational geodatabase. 3. Use existing tools to query, analyze, plot, edit, expand, visualize, and export NWIS data. “A wonderfully useful USGS tool” “The Snapshot tool is one of the easiest to learn tools that I’ve seen…”

“In under ten minutes, I was able to create hydrographs of five stations that have collected flow data within the Ipswich River watershed.” 

“Personally, I think that’s pretty amazing.”

- Bill McDavitt Open Source Code
http://github.com/USGS Outreach Federal
US Fish & Wildlife Service
NOAA/National Weather Service
US International Boundary and Water Commission

Austin Community College
UC Santa Barbara
Center for Research in Water Resources

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Texas Water Development Board
Idaho Dept of Natural Resources
Georgia Dept of Natural Resources
Florida Dept of Environmental Protection
State of Tennessee
Tennessee Valley Authority
State of Kentucky
Mississippi Dept of Environmental Quality
South Carolina Dept of Health and Environmental Control
City of Georgetown (TX) Utility Systems

Lockheed Martin The Future Use the new USGS Groundwater Levels Web Service USGS Water Web Services
http://waterservices.usgs.gov Develop your own apps with http://waterservices.usgs.gov http://was.tw.rpi.edu/swqp/map.html
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