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famous people who went through discrimination

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magnolia seven

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of famous people who went through discrimination

jewish symbol
Anne frank
examples of discrimination
rosa parks
Rosa Parks was a women who stood up for what she believed in by defying what everyone else said she should do by not getting up when the driver of the bus she was on, told her to get up and move off the bus so that the white person could sit on the seat or near the seat. Now you have to understand that when a white person was going to sit on a bus then they would sit in the white section and if there was no room then they would clear out two or three rows from the black section so that the white person........
ruby bridges
Ruby Bridges was the first black girl to go to an all white elementary school called William Frantz and was born in Tyler town Mississippi. She was bullied and made of fun of for being black.
Martin Luther King Jr. is a well known man who spoke inspiration into many lives with the speech
Have a Dream
and many other speeches. We have a neighborhood in Seneca dedicated to him.
famous people who went through discrimination
Rosa parks continued
not only blacks
Not only blacks were affected by discrimination. Discrimination means to be treated differently because of your race color religion and so on so out but an event that would set an example that not only blacks were treated differently would be the holocaust. Jews were discriminated with different laws in Germany and the Netherlands and a whole bunch of different country's.
martin Luther king Jr.
would not have to sit by a black person. So this act of defiance was big and actually put her in jail for 24 to 48 hours and also started the mogumptry bus boycott that lasted 381 days
not just these people were treated badly
google images
you tube
discrimination we are all one in a way
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