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Debugging Games - Intro to Game Dev.

lecture based on Intro to Game Dev, ed. Steve Rabin, ch 3.6

Ben Smith

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Debugging Games - Intro to Game Dev.

Debugging Five Steps to Debugging Mastery 1. Reproduce the Problem
Consistently Record step-by-step actions to cause the bug. provides clues to the location of the bug,
provides test to prove the fix,
provides steps for regression testing to ensure it never returns. 2. Collect Clues Get into the game, reproduce the bugs and observe all the details. What specifically causes the bug in this situation? Note all details that seem salient and ponder combinations that indicate the root of the problem. 3. Pinpoint the Error A) Propose a Hypothesis B) Divide-and-Conquer Once the hypothesis is clearly stated tests to prove/disprove can be designed and run. If dis-proven then repeat with new hypothesis! Locate the fail point and backtrack. Set breakpoints, print statements, watch variables, more error catches, etc. Isolate the part of the code that the error originates from! 4. Repair the Problem Hand off the fix to the original author, if possible! Win: fix the underlying, root cause, not just this particular manifestation. Warning: don't want to introduce more bugs or lose sight of the big design picture. Beware: 'hackish' solutions that prevent the crash but ignore the origination of the error! 5. Test!! From step 1, run the reproduction steps and ensure the bug is gone. Run the game additionally (with other testers) to verify no new bugs were introduced.
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