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The Lion King Archetypes

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Amanda Campbell

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Lion King Archetypes

The Lion King Archetypes
Setting Archetypes
The Wasteland: The wasteland in
The Lion King
, was the Elephant Graveyard. It is always gloomy in the Elephant Graveyard no matter the time of day or night. There is no water at the graveyard. The hyenas rule there. When Mufasa tricks Simba into going to the graveyard to prove Simba's bravery, it leads to bad things. Mufasa and Scar began a power struggle that leads to Mufasa's death.
Character Archetypes
Simba is the hero in
The Lion King
because he saves all the animals from Scar's atrocious rulership at the end of the movie. Simba finally accepts his responsibility to the throne and the pride lands become grassy again and the drought goes away after Simba overthrows Scar.
Scar is the villain in
The Lion King
because he is the major antagonist in the story. The moment he shows up, he starts trouble. He lies to Simba about the Elephant Graveyard and he lies about Mufasa's death. Scar lets the animals starve when he is king and he tries to kill Simba when Simba comes back.
Character Archetypes
Sacrificial Character-
The sacrificial character is
The Lion King
is Mufasa. When Simba is caught in the stampede, Mufasa attempts to save Simba because Simba is his son and he loves Simba. Even though Simba put himself in the position to potentially get himself killed, Mufasa knows that Simba did not do it on purpose. Mufasa dies at the hands of the power hungry Scar while rescuing the future king.
The servent is Zazu and the sidekicks are Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala. Zazu's job when Simba was a cub was to make sure that Simba stayed out of trouble and was safe. Timon and Pumbaa were there for Simbaa when he ran away and they became his family and taught him what they knew about life. Nala was his childhood friend and when Simba and Nala grew up, Nala became his companion and she convinced Simba to stop being afraid of his past. Nala, Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa all helped Simba when he went back to Pride Rock to defeat Scar and take his rightful place as king.
Setting Archetypes
The Garden: in the movie
The Lion King
, the garden is represented by Pride Rock and the Pride Lands. In the movie, the daylight brings prosperity and joy. The Lions are happy and thriving and at leisure. It is a utopia. During the night, Scar was ruler of the Lions and the animals suffered from hunger and fear. The nights seemed endless because that is when Scar always showed up. The beginning of the movie showed Mufasa during the daylight ruling and the end of the movie was day when Simba was ruling. These flip flops of light and dark were used to establish a mood and association with the different kings.
Character Archetypes
Wise Person/ Mentor-
The wise person/ mentor in the story is Rafiki. Rafiki convinces Simba to return to the Pride Lands and stop avoiding his responsibility to the throne. Rafiki also shows Simba that Simba's father lives inside his heart, so SImba never rules alone.
Archetype Themes and Symbols
Good conquers evil-
In the movie, Simba defeats Scar and restores the Pride Lands. The good guys win. Scar is killed by the hyenas and the hyenas return to the Elephant Graveyard. This theme is important to the movie because it shows how important it is to do the right things and not the wrong things and make good choices.
Power corrupts-
Once Scar is king, he becomes very corrupt and does not look after the needs of the kingdom. He only cares about himself and trying to gain more power. The pride starves and fears him. This is important to the film because it shows how not all power is good power.
Archetype Theme and Symbols
Color Archetypes
Scar is darker in color than the rest of the lions. This is because he is the antagonist in the story and he is evil.
The lions, such as Mufasa and Simba are golden yellow because they represent power. Simba is also this color because he was a coward, but he learned to be brave.
The Pride Lands are green when things are renewed and they are black and gray when there is starvation and sin. The Elephant Graveyard is black and gray to represent danger. The hyenas are darkly colored because they are dangerous.
Light and Dark
In the movie, when it is daylight out good things happen in the movie such as the birth of Simba and at the end of the movie, the birth of Simba's child. When Simba goes to stand on Pride Rock after he overthrows Scar, the sun shines on the rock and there is joy.
When it is dark in the movie, bad things happen. During Scar's entire rule, the skies are gray and dreary. The fight between Scar and Simba takes place in a rainy, gloomy setting. Both of these symbols establish mood and hint to viewers the things that may happen during these scenes.
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