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The Grandfather by Gari Soto

No description

Saleem Odah

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of The Grandfather by Gari Soto

The Grandfather, Gary Sot
presentation by Saleem M.

The Grandfather
The grandfather moves to San Fresno to start a new life.
He starts working in a raisen factory as a packer, and later as a watchman.
He had a small garden with fruit trees in it; to him " A Tree was Money".
His favourite tree was the Avocado Tree, which came with him in a small jar as a small seed.
The tree offered him hope and promise of more money.
The grand father's family grew; so did the avocado tree.

Literary devices
“tight-lipped pockets”
“ate the smile off a watermelon”
“the trunk hugged the ground”
“garden hose gurgling in the rose
Metaphor: “a tree was money”
Simile: “shades dark as oil”, “oranges large as softballs”

The Avocado Tree changed as a symbol throughout the story,
It resembeled the grand father as he moved from one place to another, and how it grew with him.
It also was a symbol of money, then it changed to represent the family , and at the end it resembeled the Grandfather him self , who was the root and trunk of which the family gathered around.
The tree in its own way was the grandfather when they both passed. The trunk of the tree was still solid to the ground as is the grandfather had left his memory with his family.
The symbolic item in “The Grandfather” By Gary Soto is the avocado tree.
The avocado tree represents the grandfather’s family. The narrator represents the tree as the grandfather. The grandfather worked hard and took care of his family. Each branch represents a family member. Each avocado that grew represented a new member to the family. ‘‘It grew, as did my family”. Families are like trees in many different ways. They all stick together and grow as a family. The storm may always try to knock the tree down but in the end it will continue to stand. A branch may fall off but a new one will always grow back.
Summary of the story
1st person point of view
One main character
The Grandfather
Main symbol
The Avocado tree
Soto uses the avocado tree to symbolize the way life should be lived.
Soto uses the avocado tree to symbolize the grandfather’s life and the struggles for average people
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