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3.12H Bringing it all Together

No description

Yasmeen Qandil

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of 3.12H Bringing it all Together

03.12H Bringing It All Together.
A. Jane Eyre is described as plain rather than beautiful. Would the plot of the novel still make sense if Jane were beautiful? How would the story be different if Jane were not poor? Why does it matter?
Jane Eyre's life is really sad and depressing. If Jane was beautiful and rich than it would change
the entire story. There would most likely be less bulling and abuse and Jane would most likely have a higher self-esteem and she would have more friends and nicer experiences and love her life. She would probably be very popular at school and maybe even bully other kids.

After being bullied, homeless, and having people she cares about die, Eyre finally achieves her goals and becomes a better person. She gets married the guy she is in love with and stays married for ten more wonderful years and she and Rochester are very happy together. If Jane were beautiful and rich, she would have never met Rochester and she would probably not be as grateful for the life she has.

Jane would have most likely grown up having a lot more friends that cared for her and protected her from all the harsh things the world has to offer. She would probably have different opinions and a whole new personality. She would have never met her love, Mr Rochester, and in the end would have a completely different life because of it. Most likely being married to a different man.

In conclusion, If Jane were beautiful the entire plot of the story would change. She would not have gotten bullied and she would have been loved by everyone. She would have never met the love of her life and probably end up marrying someone else. She would probably have more friends and would have been very popular.
BY: Yasmeen Qandil
Fiction Creates Characters

Jane Erye is the main character

Characters Want Something
1. Love
2. Acceptance
3. Happiness

Fiction Illustrates Change
1. Jane is treated badly
2. She is sent to boarding school
3. She later finds her love

Fiction Is the Author's Created World
1. The author has made the character poor and unloved
2. The character goes through hard times throughout her life and becomes stronger
3. The character marries the love of her life and becomes happy

Characters Succeed or Fail
1. Character finds love
2. Character overcomes past
3. Character lives happily ever after
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