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Digital Art

No description

Kaitlyn Hughes

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Digital Art

Media and Processes: Digital Art and Design
Detail 3

1. Digital Art can be defined as any art that is made with the help of a computer.
2. a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process
Digital Drawings
Decalcomania can produce fractal-like patterns. It involves pressing paint between two surfaces and pulling them apart.
Oscar Dominguez
Known for his surrealist, decalcomania art work in the 1930's.
Shadow Chen
Or Saltyshadow
Erik Jonsson
Jonsson specializes in art direction, web, print design, animation and photography. His clients include: Nike Football, Google, Pantene, Cheetos and more.
Google Art Project: (LiNK)
Flexible Film-1884
George Eastman invents
flexible film
Motion Picture-1896
Introduction of the motion picture
Linotype Machine- 1886
OttomarMergenthaler got
patent on the linotype.
Revolutionary for typing
First Mac Introduced- 1986
Apple introduced it's first macintosh,
based on MAC OS with graphical
Internet- 1995
Milestone in digital
Digital drawings are created through the use of mathematical formulas dependent on the relative placement of points. In this technique, a computer generates an image, called a vecor graphic, from a series of lines plotted from the relationship between individual points.
In using Photoshop to edit pictures, one is able to add images to the original photograph.
Computer Generated 3D
Still Imagery
3D graphics are created through the process of designing imagery using geometric shapes, polygons or NURBS curves. These images are created in three-dimensional objects and scenes that can be used in various media such as film, television, print, rapid prototyping, games/simulations and special visual effects.
Shadow Chen aka Saltyshadow, is a mixed media illustrator from Ningbo, China. During graduate school, her passion for art pushed her to explore new avenues as an illustrator and a graphic designer. Shadow’s works incorporate liquid forms, with a traditional twist and bright colors. Her specializations include: Illustration, Graphic, Fashion, Branding and Web Design.
The End
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