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Media Website Analysis

No description

Zoe Herrera

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Media Website Analysis

Media Website Analysis
By Zoe Herrera
Up To Ten
Teen.com is a site where teens or pre-teens can visit. The site's purpose is for the entertainment of teens or pre-teens, with several different kinds of pages. These types of pages include advice, quizzes, celebrity gossip, polls and more.
Principles of Design
Principles of Design
URL: teen.com
URL: uptoten.com
The element of colour has been used quite well in this website. The colours they picked are a pastel sort and because of this, they are not too out there, but yet they are not too subtle, which I think is perfect for a teen website.

They also went with a black and white theme, except they put in those little splashes of colour here and there.
Like colour, the site uses space relatively well. They don't cram everything up, but at the same time, you can see a lot of different things on the page. At the bottom, there is quite a bit of space, but they used it well by listing other sites that their viewers should check out, and tabs and links to explore the site.
Teen.com has a contemporary look to it, mainly using box or square like shapes. In the corner of the homepage, there are some circles linking to social media. Although, like I said is mainly made up of boxes and/or squares.
Contrast is seen by the splatters of colour that is used around the site. The site uses a black and white sort of theme, but the splatters of colour here and there adds a bit of contrast and fun to the site, not to mention a bit of character.
Harmony is evident at the fact that the way they have organised the look of the site, whether it be the colours or the arrangement of the articles and other items, it all fits together to make the site look and appear great.
The site uses proportion/scale to put emphasis on the main articles of the site, especially at the top. These articles are used in a slideshow and are bigger than the others that are displayed at any current time.
The ones below are a bit smaller, but at the same time, aren't as important as the ones on top.
Similar to the principle of emphasis, the site uses different sizes of different shapes mainly with those of higher importance at the top, and way bigger than the rest. The social media signs, or the tabs used on the site are sized accordingly with the more important ones being bigger than the others of its kind.
Up To Ten is a children's site that has games and fun activities that young children, from the age of babies to ten year olds. The games and activities provided on the site is an alternative educational tool that parents can use on their children, especially before they start school.

There are different types of these games as well depending on the age and/or intelligence of the child, with a section filled with printable colouring pages and/or worksheets that can be used.
Up to Ten has a cartoonish look about it, with the audience being children. The shapes are more rounded, for example, a square has rather rounded (but not too much) corners instead of being straight and sharp.

The shapes used in the site really emphasize that it is a place to have fun and learn. This is also linked to the colours they have used as well.
The sites colours are very bright and happy, given that it is a children's site. The colours also link to the shapes used on the site, giving as I had said before, gave the site a friendly, cartoonish look.

On the homepage, colours are not used as much with the site using a white background. Once you get into one of the 3 sections listed on the homepage, the pages become filled with lots of bright colours.
On the homepage, the site has placed things with quite a bit of space between them. I think that this happened so it seemed calm and easier to navigate. However, once you click on one of the sections, things start to get more spaced together, but not to the point where everything is cramped in.
Contrast is displayed by the coloured pictures on the white background. The contrast makes the images pop out and seem more lively. The colour scheme on the site also contrasts one another giving a fun, bubbly look.
The site emphasizes the three different sections that are at the top of the homepage. They are bigger than everything else, and also pop out when you scroll over them. This clearly emphasizes these sections.
The way the site laid out the site gives it a goof sense of balance. At the top of the homepage, it doesn't really give much but the three main sections. Down below is all the fine print and overall balances the site out.
I think the site has proportioned its items well. The homepage is not very big and very simple to get around due to the sizes of things. The main items are rather big and easy to see, while the finer print is a bit smaller given its less importance.
Since Teen.com is a website whose audience are mainly teens, it is obviously more contemporary and modern compared to Up to Ten given it is made for children.

The visuals in Teen.com are also more mature than Up to Ten because again, it is for an older age group. The visuals in Up to Ten are more cartoonish and child like, because again, it is meant for children.

The content is also very different to both sites. Up to Ten has educational and fun content that is aimed at younger children and their parents, while Teen.com has content that is mainly for the entertainment of a teen when they are bored or simply want to find out the latest gossip.
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