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Globalization of Technoogy

No description

Jessica Irvine

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Globalization of Technoogy

Tommy Meyer
Technology in World War I and World War II
1899 = Chemical Warfare Banned
War in 1914 = Tear Gas
Chemical Warfare
Technology in Globalization
WWI: 1/7 people died.
Allies win
WWII: 1/2 people died
Allies Vs. Axis
Big Connections = Big Wars
Proximity Bomb
Atom Bomb
Many Tanks, Aircraft, and Ships
Plastic Explosives
Assault Rifles
Machine Guns
Fighter Bombers
Technology Used
What Happened
Technology in Financial Markets
Technology In Warfare
Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare
Modern Weapons = Advanced
As our society bends to being so much closer together, technology also changes faster and faster, depending on the closeness and ability of scientists and researchers to work together.

Today's modern warfare involves, instead of fighting head on, like in the Civil War, less battle, and more surprise.
When there is a large enough war, people ignore regulation.
Information Technology
Info. Tech.

- trans. secure/quick
- enhance data-depen. tasks
- access to all
invest/borrow opps.
performance companies
eco. trends/policy devel.
Development/Policy Reforms
Weapons of Mass Destruction
World War I on Japan
Almost in the Cold War
Used in:
Development/policy reforms

lend/invest/raise $
cross-boarder links
National F.M.
The Cold War
In the Cold War, Russia was gaining more and more power by and spreading "communism", threatening the US. There was no war, because both sides were nuclear, and war would destroy the world.
Technology in Journalism and Media
Some technology, especially chemical warfare and nuclear bombs are beyond our grasp as a society, and are too uncivilized for our use.
Types of Technology Used In Warfare
Land Mines
Automatic Firearms
Many Types of Submarines
"Technology Revolutions"

many sources
high-tech. advances
- tagging
- radio
news papers
inappropriate info.
Health Care
Technology's Affect on the Medical Industry
Greater technology makes fighting diseases, gathering patient information, and saving lives much easier.
GPS = Tracking Viruses.
An relatively new idea that has been trending is the idea of free health care.
Globalization of Health Care
Future Change in Technology
In the future, not only will we live as one, but the world will be highly advanced in everything technological and science-related. We are very close now to a perfect world, yet also so far away as well.
Globalization - the way mankind gets closer together and cultures blend.
Technology- The new and more advanced things that scientists come up with
Financial Markets- a "market" where money and credit is exchanged
innovation- new methods or ideas making change
revolution- uprising in which a group overtakes the government
industry-producing new materials/goods in factories
Atomic Bomb - a bomb capable of destroying extremely large areas of land
Communism - a form of no government with equal power and equal wealth among everyone (Soviet Russia was not communist)
Jose Lim and Tommy Meyer
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