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The Haitian Revolution

No description

Paige Downing

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of The Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution The Fever Model First of... Events during the Recovery Stage of the Haitian Revolution The fever model is a model that helps to discover and organize the different events in a revolution. It has 4 stages... French colonial rule over the poor through the uses of violence and threats Causes of the Haitian Revolution Holding of secret meetings against slave owners Direct actions during the Haitian Revolution.... Huge slave revolts including.... revenge on their masters and the burning of sugar plantations Direct Conflicts during the Haitian Revolution The Incubation
The Symptomatic
The Crisis
The Convalescence The Incubation stage consists of.... the problems that were responsible for causing the revolution The Spymptomatic stage consists of .... direct actions resulting from issues in the first stage The Crisis Stage involves.... direct conflict either debates or wars ( long term or short term) *Only successful revolutions survive those that don't are known as failed rebellions The last stage of the Fever Model is known as the Convalescence Stage. It includes.... recoveries from the Crisis Stage (takes years) Racial tension between whites, free people of color, and enslaved African Americans due to the French sugar plantations' affect on social class structure Slave Exploitation Desire for independence and equality by many of the slaves Organization of Slave Rebellions Fights between freed slaves and slave owners Capturing of one- third of the island by the slaves to receive the attention of French Legislation Haitian alliance with Great Britain and Spain in war against France Freed slaves, abolished slavery, and granted civil and political rights to all African American men in the Haitian colonies Haiti declared a Free republic Crippled by the war (agricultural and commerce devastation)
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