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We Don't Care What People Say, We Know the Truth: Bisexualit

No description

Jack Hyde

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of We Don't Care What People Say, We Know the Truth: Bisexualit

We Don't Care What People Say, We Know the Truth: Bisexuality in Pop Culture
Ask The Average Bisexual with Kirsten McLean
60 participants interviewed
Lady Gaga: Mother Monster
Human Sexuality


Kinsey Scale
Tila Tequila:
A Shot at Love
Promiscuous and Sex-Crazed
Angelina Jolie
Capulet: Most upstanding bisexual!
Chasing Amy
High Art
Alyssa - Bisexual? Lesbian? Straight?

Straight-Gay Spectrum
Syd - Bisexual? Queer?
Linda D. Wayne and her class
Common Consensus: Not enough Bisexuals in Pop Culture
Result: Damage to younger generation
Letter to Obama (DADT)
Great Career
Married to Brad Pitt
Adopting Children
Donating up to $10 million to charities
including AIDS relief
"Poker Face"
Capulet: undermines bisexuality
Constable: LGBT advocacy overlooked by sexualized performances
Male vs Female
Billy Joe Armstrong
Megan Fox
Which one has become more popular because of their bisexuality?
Mostly Female
Bad Role Models
Normalize Bisexual Characters!
Subtlety is key
Hypersexual behavior in bisexual frequency?
Equal to hypersexual behavior in heterosexual and homsexual
Jackson Hyde
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