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Introduction to Evolution

No description

Elizabeth Pierson

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to Evolution

Introduction to Evolution
Important Ideas
Darwin's Journey
On the Origin of Species
Old Ideas
Lamarkian Evolution
Darwinian Evolution
Galapagos Islands
Unique Species
Succession of Types
Selective Breeding ( )
Summary of His Theory
Apply Darwin's Theory

Apply Darwin's Theory
Artificial Selection
Old Testament
6 Days of Creation
Earth 6,000-10,000 Years Old
Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)
Scientist - Species Fixed
4.54 Billion Years Old
Life evolves as environments change
Evidence in the fossil record
Inheritance of aquired characteristics
Perfection with use and need
Epigenetics may be adding legitimacy to theory
Why so superior to Lamark?
Same basic idea...

Different mechanism!
Species change in reponse to their environments.

Descent with modification.
Due to natural selection!
1. There is natural variation within a species.
2. There are more offspring than an environment can support.
3. There is competition for resources.
4. There is differential survival.
5. There is differential reproduction.
Darwin's Observations
1 Species on mainland Ecuador
Many food sources
14 Species of Finch on Islands
Beaks matched the food source
Nature is not the only selector...
Humans select for certain traits in domesticated animals
In what other cases have humans selected for certain traits ?
Selection Types
Thomas Malthus
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