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No description

Rachel Arthur

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Galax-Arena

BTW (By The Way) My name is Rachel
March, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A Biography

Today I am doing a study guide on Galax-Arena by Gillian Rubenstein
2b) Characters
5)Important Event
4) Setting
Power and Authority
Describe the most important event in the novel
The Galax- Arena is set on The planet Vexak where the atmosphere would crush a human but then in a plot twist it turns out to be just in Australia (i know what a disappointment) somewhere in the outback disguised as a space rocket launcher (not suspicious at all right?)
Describe the relationship that the main character has with another character
Describe when and the novel is set
6)Beginning and Ending
Gillian Rubenstein

Gillian Rubinstein was born on the 29th of August (which interestingly is Michael Jacksons Birthday aswell and is a English-born children's author and playwright. Rubinstein split her childhood between England and Nigeria as her parents were divorced. She then moved to Australia in 1973. She has written eight plays, a few short stories and articles, and more than 30 books (there arent even enough fingers to count all of her books) .Her most famous book is probably Space Demons. Some of her other popular books are Ardilla, Foxspell and Galax-Arena which all received multiple awardy thingies.

She has written a few books under the pseudonym, Lian Hearn. Gillian Rubinstein currently lives in Goolwa, South Australia.

2a)Character Traits
"Mariam and Istar were supposed to teach me warm up exercises and basic routines, but my physical clumsiness (i feel her pain) exasperated them, and they were easily distracted into their double act routine.
"Perhaps I've got an extra eye that picks up on the things that other people don't notice. Once I spent the whole afternoon lying on the grass next to Jake (lying next to her dog! wouldnt want to sniff her after that) and all of a sudden I started noticing how many different things I could smell and for a flash of a second I thought I was a dog (strange but not uncommon)"
"The door slid shut behind him. I screamed and screamed, way beyond any self control. I thought I had reached the limit of grief and sorrow, but the next few days taught me that there isn't any limit. there is always the possibility of more suffering."
2. Observant
3. Emotional
All the peb trying to show off and show their worthiness wanting to be the stars of the show they needed to be the best of the best to stay alive

"Hey wyatt kid, ken ya do dis". A little girl no less than 8-9 broke away fom the group and hurtled across the floor in a complex and highly skilled pattern of tumbling(i would just be content with managing to do a forward roll)
"Hey,ken ya do dis?" "Look heah, kid, ken ya do dis" "ken ya" "ken ya" The gymna came alive as more and more went to show off their skills and outperform everyone else.
a) Select two themes and describe when they appear in the book
b)Explain how the character helps to convey the two themes
Joella tried so hard to stay she practised and practised over and over again but she just couldnt do it. She tried to survive but she couldnt
Choose 5 words that describe the main character
4b) Setting
The Gymna
The Glass Pet Tank
Select 2 physical places in the novel
Important keywordy thingies
1) Author Biography
5)Important Event
6)Beginning and Ending
7)Persuasive Writing
Leeward talks with Joella and says "You sab tings dont ya, ya sab tings bout de peb widout dem tellin ya True?"
For that conversation they almost seem like friends and she told him stuff she has never told to anyone as if she trusts Leeward and they make a plan to escape
Joella is the main character and Leeward is the leader of the Peb (the galax-arena performers)
The basics of Galax-Arena

Hythe and the Vexak are the Power and Authority they made people do things and there was nothing anybody could do. They didnt care when the peb died
"She Dead She fall in de arena, an die. Hythe mak we go up dere (up on the trapezes and stuff). Na she dead. I be all lone."Mariam said through sobs
"Hythe kill ma sister, Vexak was happy wan she die"
Power and Authority
Joella had no Power and Authority accept over her acions helped the peb escape
The gymna is the place where the peb train to perform in the galax-arena it has all the things you will ever need to put on a show of dangerous Gymnastics and Performing. It is quite bland and colourless (must of had to cut the budget) But it can be transformed in the press of a button to colour and light and a live audience of green waving Vexa.
After Joella gets deemed unable to perform she was from therefore a pet to the Vexa. She was kept in a foggy Glass Tank with portholes in the front so that the "pet's" owner could touch and feel the "pet". The tank had a sink with pinkish liquid in it which served as a waterbowl (what do they think she is?!?!? an animal!!!) there was also a tray for food and some wooden blocks and other toys for the "pet" to play with.
When Joella is in the "pet"* tank she finds a fly an earth fly. She then cuddles up to her "owner" and finds velcro on her "owner's" green hand and rips of the glove and finds out her owner and the rest of the "Vexa" are actually just humans and that they are on Earth. Her owner lets Joella out and she tries to get the people from the Gymna to follow her out and escape many stay behind there is a lot of drama and hysteria as friends are pulled a part as they each go their separate ways (that still makes me cry )
Galax-Arena starts off after the whole story is over and then explains the whole story from the very beginning (very confusing if you ask me).
She talks about being abducted by Hythe and being taken to the planet Vexak she talks about the struggles of trying to fit into her new surroundings (well new for her everything else is old news).
At the end almost everyone is free after they found hope when finding a fly from earth and they figured out that they were never on the planet vexak. But it ends and the problem still isnt stopped even though they are all free, kids are still being taken from their families to the Galax-Arena and forced to perform with the possibility of death and then when they are too old killed. It doesnt give you relief only some of the problems are solved
This event gives hope to the reader and to Joella it is a major twist and shines a different sort of light on the story(if your wondering it goes from halogen to incandescent). That discovery starts a chain reaction to their escape of the Galax-Arena
The End

Thankyou for your eyes
In The Very Beginning

It was a day usually I would be

on my or my eating maybe

listening to with my but today

I am going to do something new I am

doing a study guide Enjoy
(For people who havent read the book)
Joella gets abducted along with her brother Peter and her Sister Liane by an evil ,despicable, life destroyer called Hythe who takes children aged 6-17 with dancing/gymnastic talent to the planet Vexak so they can train in the Gymna and perform in the Galax-Arena for the Vexa's entertainment (how evil!). Joella then gets taken to this so called planet Vexak and is trained in gymna but fails and becomes a pet to a Vexa. The Performers call themselves The Peb and speak in a pidgin English called Patwa which looks kinda like this "Dis is de example of patwa" not too hard to understand. For people who's brains are actually potatoes it translates "This is the example of Patwa". You are now ready to tackle anything i put infront of your face
And of course the first thing i put infront of your face is...

This skull
now what are you going to do?
Good choice ignore it and keep reading
All round awsomeness
Ability to make up words ending in "ness"ness
Rachel's Report Card
**I am so disgusted that i even put pets and owners in quotations in the footnote
*i have put everything to do with "owners"**and "pets" in quotation marks (or sometimes referred to as the "as if" marks) becuase i think the idea is absolutely wrong
Remember anything I put in brackets is supposed to be funny do take any of it seriously (if you do you might be a bit stupid). Aha have you seen what i did there it was a test were you offended by that? Remember things in brackets are supposed to be funny
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