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Marilyn Manson Scandal

No description

Maddie Baudre

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Marilyn Manson Scandal

Marilyn Manson Scandal
Many people who have seen or heard of Marilyn have labeled him as a bad influence and a disrespect to religion. Many people, including myself, think otherwise. Many people dont understand that having a "dark" or scary outlook doesnt mean that him/her are a bad person.
Brian Hugh Warner, also known as his stage name Marilyn Manson,started his career in 1993 after his band signed a contract from Trent Renzor's record label. People labeled his look as "dark" and controversy. Throughout his career, he has been accused as a Satan worshipper, following from the Church Of Satan, of which he is a "reverend." His shows have been protested, boycotted and canceled because of his "dark" views and stage antics.
Marilyn Manson
1. Protest
2. Performance
3. Public
In Salt Lake City, during his performance, he was protesting against the Book Of Mormons by ripping out the pages in front of millions. The church was fed up with his actions and performance, they arranged a fight about the whole thing in the hall of the arena.
Effects On Him
his career has been going on for almost 16 years. people have judged him since day one. in my opinion, he is the most misjudged man on earth. His actions and looks effects his career because people are judgemental. his actions show life lessons that its ok to be weird or scary. everybody is the same. Looks dont matter.
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