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Discriminating against Difference Activity


Ashley Oehlerking

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Discriminating against Difference Activity

Think of a unique trait or aspect of your life that you embrace as an important part of your identity. Tatoo Futbol fan Member of the 4-H Club Proud Catholic Live with 15 extended
family members Dimple on chin Collect Bohemian art I am ambidextrous I speak German at home My family is from the Dakota tribe Visually illustrate or textualize
your unique trait/aspect about yourself. Guten Tag,
ich bin stolz darauf
Deutsch zu sprechen.
- How were you treated by the facilitator?
- Why were you treated like that? How do you know?
- Did the facilitator make you feel comfortable; did you feel you fit in
with the group? Explain.
- How did you feel being discriminated against when you were
expressing a part of your identity?
- How did it feel to be mislabeled, misjudged, or misunderstood as inferior,
deficient, or inappropriate by the facilitator?
- Did you deserve the unfair treatment by the facilitator?
- How did the facilitator make you feel about your unique identity?
Choose one to reflect on: Are there times when you have mislabeled, misjudged, or misunderstood
a student/patient as inferior, deficient, or inappropriate because they demonstrated
difference from larger society's norms and expectations? What impact do you think this
had on your student/patient? Write a short description or recall a memory that incorporates your unique trait/aspect of your identity. This is me tossing the soccer ball around with a friend. We were able to travel to Texas to watch my favorite team, Chelsea Futbol Club, play and win against USA.
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