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Langan Chapter33 

Group presentation 2

Abdullah zaky

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of Langan Chapter33 

Langan Chapter33 
Capital Letters

Presented by Group 2
Group Members:
Tamim Chamandi
Ahmad Ershaid
Haris Mahmood
 Samer Mustafa 
Abdullah Zaky

Main Uses of Capital Letters

Other Uses of
Capital Letters

Uses of Capitals

Names of persons and the word I

Names of particular places and institutions

Titles of books, magazines, newspapers, articles, stories, poems,
films, television shows, songs, papers that you write, and the like.
Names of commercial products

First word in a sentence or direct quotation

Main Uses of
Capital Letters
Names of days of the week, months, and holidays

Names of companies, associations,
unions, clubs, religious and
political groups,
and other organizations

The corner grocery was robbed last night.
The alien said, "Take me to your leader."
"If you need help," said Teri, "call me. I'll be over in no time."

In the third example above, If and I'll are capitalized because they start new
sentences. But call is not capitalized, because it is part of the first sentence.
First Word in a Sentence or Direct Quotation
Names of Persons
and the Word I
Last night, I saw a hilarious movie starring
Ben Stiller and Jack
Names of Particular Places and Institutions
Although Bill dropped out of Port Charles High School, he eventually earned his degree and got a job with Atlas Realty Company.
But Use small letters if the specific name is not given.
Although Bill dropped out of high school, he eventually earned his
degree and got a job with a real estate company.
Names of Days of the Week, Months, and Holidays
On the last Friday afternoon in May, the day before Memorial Day,
my boss is having a barbecue for all the employees.
But Use small letters for the seasons-summer, fall, winter, spring.
Most people feel more energetic in the spring and fall.
Names of Commercial Products
Keith installed a new Sony stereo into his old Ford Ranger pickup.
But Use small letters for the type of product (stereo, pickup, and so on).
Titles of Books, Magazines, Newspapers,Articles,
Stories, Poems, Films, Television Shows, Songs,
Papers That You Write, and the Like

We read the book Hiroshima, by John Hersey, for our history class.
In the doctor's waiting room, I watched General Hospital, read an
article in Reader's Digest, and leafed through the Miami Herald.
Names of Companies, Associations,Unions,
Clubs, Religious and Political Groups, and Other Organizations
Joe Naples is a Roman Catholic, but his wife is a Methodist.
The Hilldale Square Dancers' Club has won many competitions.
Brian, a member of Bricklayers Local431 and the Knights of
Columbus, works for Ace Construction.
Names That Show Family Relationships
Historical periods
and events
Races, nations,
and nationalities
Other Uses of Capital Letters
Capital letters are also used with
Titles of persons when used with their names
Specific school courses
Opening and
closing of a letter
Names That Show Family Relationships

All his life, Father has been addicted to gadgets.
I browsed through Grandmother's collection of old photographs.
Aunt Florence and Uncle Bill bought a mobile home.
But Do not capitalize words like mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, and so on when they are preceded by a possessive word (such as my, your, his, her, our, their).
All his life, my father has been addicted to gadgets.
I browsed through my grandmother's collection of old photographs.
My aunt and uncle bought a mobile home.
Titles of Persons When Used with Their Names
I contributed to Senator McCain's campaign fund.
Is Dr. Gomez on vacation?
Professor Adams announced that there would be no tests in the
But Use lowercase letters when titles appear by themselves, without
specific names.
I contributed to my senator's campaign fund.
Is the doctor on vacation?
The professor announced that there would be no tests in the course .
Specific School Courses
The college offers evening sections of Introductory Psychology I,
Abnormal Psychology, Psychology and Statistics, and Educational
But Use lowercase letters for general subject areas.
The college offers evening sections of many psychology courses.
My grandfather's Polish accent makes his English difficult to
Geographic Locations
He grew up in the Midwest but moved to the South to look for a
better job.
But Use lowercase letters in directions.
Head west for five blocks and then turn south on State Street.
Historical Periods and Events
During the Middle Ages, the Black Death killed over one-quarter of
Europe's population.
Races, Nations, and Nationalities

The questionnaire asked if the head of our household was
Caucasian, African American, Asian, Latino, or Native American.
Tanya has lived on army bases in Germany, Italy, and Spain.
Denise's beautiful features reflect her Chinese and Mexican
Opening and Closing of a Letter
Dear Sir:
Dear Ms. Henderson:
Sincerely yours,
Truly yours,
Capitalize only the first word in a closing.
In our biology class, each student must do a report on an article in the magazine scientific american.
Scientific American

1. Meghan’s collection of beatles souvenirs includes a pair of tickets from their last concert in candle stick park in San Francisco.

Beatles Candlestick Park

2. Yumi read in natural health magazine that abraham lincoln suffered from severe depression
Natural Health Abraham Lincoln

3. When i have a cold, I use vicks ointment and chew halls lozenges

I Vicks Halls

4. Since no man volunteered for the job, the boy scouts in springfield, illinois, have a woman troop leader.
Boy Scouts Springfield Illinois

5. A nature trail for the blind in cape cod, massachusetts, has signs written in Braille that encourage visitors to smell and touch the plants.
Cape Cod Massachusetts

6. Some of the most popular items at a restaurant called big river are chilean sea bass and atlantic clam chowder.
Big River Chilean Atlantic

7. My father is a confirmed Dallas cowboys fan, though he lives in boston.

Cowboys Boston

8. Isabella bought a diet pepsi to wash down her hostess twinkie.

Diet Pepsi Hostess Twinkie
9. Vince listened to songs by U2 and Coldplay on his iPod while Donna read an article in glamour titled "What Do men Really want?“

Glamour Men Want
10. After having her baby, joan received a card from one of her friends that read, "congratulations,-we all knew you had it in you."

Joan Congratulations

Activity 1
page 467
1. The wall street Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday, marked the start of the great depression.

Walt Street Great Depression
2. Joyce plans to travel to indonesia first, and then she will visit malaysia, singapore, and the philippines.

Indonesia Singapore Malaysia Philippines
3. When aunt Kate arrived in town, she immediately went to eat fresh catfish at the Side street inn.

Aunt Street Inn
4. Professor Estrada of the humanities department will teach an online course called asian american women's literature.

Asian American Women's Literature

5. A new dance spot featuring house music recently opened on the east side of town near fusion's.


Activity 2 page 470
1. George Washington's Forces starved at Valley Forge because Pennsylvania Farmers preferred to sell food to the British for cash.

forces farmers

2. The virus damaged the files on my Brother's Dell Computer.

brother's computer

3. The Country cheered during the 2008 Summer Olympics when Michael Phelps won a record-breaking eight Gold Medals in Beijing.
country gold medals

4. In his Book titled Offbeat Museums, Saul Rubin tells about various Unusual Museums, such as the Kansas Barbed Wire museum.

book unusual museums Museum

5. The theory of relativity, which Einstein developed when he was only twenty-six, led to the invention of the Electron Microscope, Television, and Atomic bomb.

electron microscope television atomic

Activity 3 page 470-471
Unnecessary Use of Capitals
Review test 1 Page 471-472
Add capitals where needed in the following sentences.
In A defensive tone, Tony muttered, "didn't I just tell mom that I took out the trash?”
Answers: Didn’t Mom
1. Sherry moved into a studio apartment located near suarez park on eighth avenue

Suarez Park Eighth Avenue
2. My boyfriend only uses tide laundry detergent and snuggle dryer sheets to do his laundry, but I use whatever brand is on sale.

Tide Snuggle
3. The children who visited the city zoo enjoyed seeing the giraffes, the siberian tigers, and the potbelly pigs.

4. The new president of the company is demanding that all employees undergo random drug testing, which some complain is a violation of the fourth amendment.

Fourth Amendment
5. In the new kathy reichs book, the main character, a forensic anthropologist named temperance berennan, solves several gruesome murders.

Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan
6. "who," asked professor macdonald, "knows the answer to this calculus

Who Professor MacDonald

7. The slurpee machine at 7-eleven was broken, so I bought a klondike.
Slurpee Eleven Klondike
8. My younger sister told dad that she wants to travel to orlando, florida,
to visit disneyworld.

Dad Orlando Florida Disney world

9. I secretly enjoy reading people when I am standing at the checkout
stand at piggly wiggly or at walgreens.

People Piggly Wiggly Walgreens

10. Recently unemployed, Jamison asked senator pauley, "what is your position on universal health care?"

Senator Pauley What
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