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The Great Wall Of China

by Tegan Hannaford

Tegan Hannaford

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Great Wall Of China

By Tegan Hannaford and
Misgana Arhe The Great Wall of China The Impact of the Great Wall Introduction of The Stone Dragon: The Great Wall of China is also known as The Stone Dragon, for it trail through China like a weaving Dragon made of stone.
The Great Wall of China was build in the Ming Dynasty from 1368-1644, around 2000 years ago. It was created by China's first Emperor, QIN SHINGHUANGDI to protect the China from evil spirit and barbarians from other lands. CHINA The Great Wall of
The Impact of the great wall of china was both positive and negative, some believed it was a good thing for it showed everyone of the power and independence of china and it also united the nation through Qin Shiuangdi. The Negative aspest was they were cut of from the world beyond the wall, unable to receive goods and information outside their walls.

Nowadays the Great wall of china brings around 10 000 tourists and locals a day and around 3 million a year to witness and walk some parts of the great wall of china. So.... culturally the Great Wall of China is a great importance to China. The Build of the Great Wall The great wall of china was built by the Ancient Chinese to keep out invaders from other parts of asia. Emperor Shi huangdi,china's first emperor ordered that the wall be made larger and all the small walls be joined together. It took slaves about 300 years to build the wall and many thousands died while building it.They used stones and packed earth to build the wall which was dangerous work for the builders.
It was over 5,000 km long its thickness ranged from about 15-30 feet, and it’s 25 feet tall.
In the 13th century,Genghis khan invaded The end result was a magnificent wall that
stretched across China. Qin Shihuangdi Slaves Building the Wall Video The Great Wall of China maps The Great Wall of China begins at 'Liaodong
(today's east and south of Liaoning Province) in the east and ends at Lintao (today's Lintao Country in Gansu Province) in the west'.

The Great Wall of China covers many different terrains, from rocky outcrops to following the ridges of the mountains, dry dead bushland to wonderful rainforests. It falls and climbs conquering anything in its way, no mountain impassable. It starts at the town Shanhaiguan (5 hours north of Beijing) and actually goes into the waters of Bo Hai bay. I will tell the real reason Come away from our project knowing you've learned something.
Thank you for watching Karate kid trained on the great wall Fact: They used the bodies of dead men as a fill when making the wall The state of the Great Wall of China Today, the great wall of china has lost it’s strategic importance. It has become a world renowned tourists attraction. The laboring people of different dynasties demonstrated their intelligence and wisdom while building this great project.They left behind a precious heritage deserving our everlasting care.In 1987 the great wall was listed by UNESCO as one of the world heritages.
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