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Fractured Fairytale-Snow White

Snow White is pretty,but is evil and greedy.Kind stepmother[queen] is rich. Snow White wants to kill her for her money...Read on to know more......

Shermaine Koh

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Fractured Fairytale-Snow White

Snow white[Dwarfs are not evil] stepmother(queen) prince charming Snow White is pretty but she is evil and greedy. Her step mother is a good person and the seven dwarfs work for her. The prince charming is a good person who only likes good people. -Snow white wanted money from her step mother, but she won’t give her because her step mother knows that she is evil.
-Thus Snow white wanted to kill her
-So the step mother went to ask the seven dwarfs to find a person to change snow white into a good person.
-They found prince charming.
-But the prince did not like such an evil person like Snow White. So he did not help the queen.
-Since their previous plan did not work, the seven dwarfs made a processed apple to cleanse Snow White’s Evil Spirit.
-But, the experiment went wrong and when Snow White ate it, she died instead.
-No matter what method they tried, they could not revive snow white.
Sadly, They placed her in a glass coffin deep into the woods.
Later, the prince came along and saw Snow White in the coffin. Even though he did not like Snow White, he felt sad for Snow White.
-To say good bye to her, he opened the coffin and kissed her.
-Just then, Snow White woke up and saw the Prince. The kiss from the prince has revived her. Snow White fell in love with prince charming and she became good. Prince charming fell in love in Snow White too.
In the end, Snow White married Prince charming and they lived happily ever after. The End
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