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A Year in the Life of Alumni Relations at St Andrews

For Staff Training at Development Office of Univeristy of St Andrews

Fiona Eason

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of A Year in the Life of Alumni Relations at St Andrews

What DO they do in Alumni Relations?
Alumni Clubs
Our Mission
The Alumni Relations Office seeks to support the work of Development by providing opportunities for effective

between the University’s alumni and between the University and its extended alumni community (including staff, current as well as former students, parents and friends of the University).
Through its services, benefits, publications, programmes and activities, it strives to
raise awareness
of the University’s achievements and priorities, to encourage active involvement in the life of the University and to sensitively promote effective means by which that loyalty and affection can be translated into
volunteer engagement
philanthropic support
, thereby advancing the University’s interests and helping it to achieve its strategic goals.
30 alumni club contacts
18 countries across the globe
15 other special interest clubs
600th Anniversary Club Events
Support and guidelines for new clubs
Promoting alumni club activity
Helping to recruit for new members
Keeping the alumni community informed and engaged through social media is a priority and a task we share amongst the whole Ops Team. This is how we use the following platforms to develop our message:
Where in the World
are our Alumni?
SPARC Online Community
Social Media
Set up in 2011, this online community for alumni and members of our extended alumni community already has over 9,000 members who have entitlement to a range of benefits and services and who can log in to view and update their contact details, send us news, book events and search the alumni directory
Over 6,900 fans on the Alumni Page https://www.facebook.com/#!/USTAAlumni
Over 5,400 fans on the 600th Anniversary Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/University-of-St-Andrews-600th-Anniversary/200297519987706?fref=ts
Over 400 on the US Parents Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/StAUSParents
Over 890 followers on the Alumni feed: @UstAAlumni - https://twitter.com/UStAAlumni
More than 11,700 hits since September 2012 on the Development Blog: http://ustandrews.wordpress.com
Alumnus Chronicle
St Andrews in the News
Reunion Weekend
Bejant Receptions
Graduation Garden Parties
Parents' Receptions
St Andrews & London Carol Services
Family Programme
Freshers' & Graduation Gifts
Careers Alumni
Young Alumni Career Networking Events
Student and Young Alumni Initiatives
School/Unit Engagement
Newsletters & Magazines
Other Engagement
Family programme members receive the Link newsletter for parents of undergraduate students each semester.
The annual alumni magazine, the Alumnus Chronicle, is distributed to over 42,000 alumni and other General Council members, more than 13,000 of whom live overseas. In addition, the magazine is given to new graduates of the University following the June and November graduations.
Development’s monthly e-newsletter with a distribution of approximately 25,000 keeps alumni and friends up to date with news from around the University and highlights forthcoming events.
41% of parents of current students
Link newsletters
Family Book Fund
Love From Home
Bejant & Parents' Receptions
Receive St Andrews in the News
SPARC membership & benefits
Invites to events in their local area
~1,200 Freshers' gifts in Orientation week
~1,500 Graduation gifts at June Graduation
~750 Graduation gifts at November Graduation
The Alumni team work with the chaplaincy to host a very popular Carol Service in St Salvators Chapel in early December each year. We also support the efforts of the London Alumni Club who gather for a carol service in one of the larger London cathedrals during the festive period.
Up to 1,200 parents attend the Parents’ Receptions held in St Andrews in September, with approximately 200 parents also attending a separate reception for North American parents in the evening.
August: Last year trustees of the American Foundation and parents of current students and graduates in North Carolina, Washington DC, Boston, New York, Connecticut, Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles host receptions for Bejants in USA
September: Alumni Clubs in Glasgow and St Andrews host receptions for Scottish Bejants
At both June and November graduation we attend the garden parties to distribute graduation gifts to new alumni and welcome them to the alumni community.
In June around 200 people attend one or more reunion events. This year’s Reunion Weekend will take place from 28-30 June 2013 and will honour those who graduated in a year ending ‘8’ or ‘3’.
In January we joined forces with the Careers Centre and the American Foundation to facilitate the first US Careers Forum.
~200 students and young alumni met with alumni and parents
With over 1,000 alumni and parent volunteers, we continue to work closely with our colleagues in the Careers Centre to provide our final year students and young graduates with the benefit of the work experience and knowledge of our St Andrews alumni and extended alumni community.
We are able to help identify and contact suitable alumni on behalf of schools looking for speakers and other alumni support in St Andrews.
We also recruit volunteers for careers and admissions activities.
Schools are encouraged to use the Alumni Reunion Weekend programme as an incentive to invite their alumni back for School-specific activities which can be incorporated or run alongside the general reunion activities. Some subject-related reunions have been facilitated by Annual Giving both during and outwith Reunion Weekend in the past eg the Medical Reunion in August 2010 which had a fundraising element.
We regularly send out newsletters and magazines on behalf of those academic schools with active alumni programmes. We continue to seek new ways to work with schools and support their alumni activity.
General Council
All graduates are members of the General Council, a governing body unique to each of the four ancient universities in Scotland.
Two meetings are held each year, in June and around St Andrew’s Day
All members receive Alumnus Chronicle, edited by the Alumnus Association Committee, a committee of the General Council
All members may put forward nominations and vote in General Council elections.
Services for Alumni
Alumni Authors
Alumni Benefits
Latin Degree Certificates
Graduates may submit the details of any book they have authored to be featured in SPARC and in St Andrews in the News.
Email for Life
A growing number of businesses and facilities have provided offers and discounts for alumni. These benefits can be accessed when you log in to SPARC.
SPARC members enjoy a special subscription rate at the
University Library.
Decorative degree certificates, written in Latin, are available to graduates as a unique memento of their achievement.
The email forwarding service is available to all graduates and provides them with a visible, lasting connection to their alma mater.
Recent Graduate Discount
Recent graduates automatically qualify for a reduction in fees when they matriculate for a
post-graduate qualification.
Clubs and Networks
Future Ideas
Careers Alumni Network
Join with Careers Centre to create a more structured interface between students and alumni for career mentoring purposes
Contact all CAN volunteers to update details and steward their volunteer role in a more focused manner
Develop more alumni/student networking events in UK and abroad
Alumnus Chronicle
Present a 16-page full colour retrospective of 600th Anniversary in 2014 edition
Pilot an online version in 2014 with a view to offering alumni the choice of receiving a digital or printed copy in 2015.
Services for Schools and Units
Volunteer Recognition
Levels of Engagement
Family Programme
Create a handbook for parents - ideas on how to help their students prepare, settle in and cope with the challenges of university life
Develop literature for schools and units that outlines the work of Alumni Relations and the services we offer
Present these to all schools and units in a roadshow format to strengthen links
Provide a presence at New Staff Induction Days
Clubs and Networks
Expand the club network
Improve regularity of contact with club co-ordinators
Provide literature for new club formation that outlines volunteer roles and responsibilities and the support we offer
Alumni Benefits
Review the existing benefits
Update website with results of review
Solicit more benefit partners
Explore options for recognising the input of our volunteers (awards, rewards, volunteer roll?)
Consider the possibility of coding the database with levels of engagement of alumni in order to gauge our efforts at increasing their engagement, and to identify those whom we wish to recognise and reward.
Questions for Discussion
What are the key factors affecting the University at the moment?

What are the University's current priorities?

What are the implications for our alumni relations programme?

Are there any alumni activities we could remove in order to respond to the current priorities?

Which activities should we develop further?

Is there anything missing?
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