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Curriculum Update COM April 2013

No description

Lisa Weiss

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Curriculum Update COM April 2013

Curriculum Update Principles of Clinical Medicine 4th Year Electives M3 Clerkships New Course Director:
Susan Labuda-Schrop, PhD Orientation
Now a course called: Professional Foundations Objectives
introduction to the nuts and bolts of NEOMED
improvement of learning strategies and critical thinking
exploring leadership
understanding self motivation and personal wellness
begin developing a professional identity Prologue Previously 3 weeks Formally known as Doctoring 201
- now PCM and HVM Dr. Gardner is departing.... New Course Director:
Dr. Susan Labuda-Schrop Academic Year 2013-14 Divided from orientation
became 2 weeks Now 1 concentrated week theme : obesity
objective: introduction to graduate school
connection of social/basic/clinical science to medicine previously within the Fall semester New Course Director:
Paul Lecat POM Doctoring 301 Change from Exploratory Elective to Inter-professional Experience
2 week experience in: (JS, LS)
Oral health
Patient Centered Medical Home Need to:
connect objectives to assessment
connect objectives to USMLE STEP 1
connect objectives to COM Ed Objectives
connect pedagogy to the whole package to much for one person!!! This year:
broken POM into 3 parts
rearranged the modules
increased cases
question of the day
among other things! Need to:
increase basic science focus - back to year 1
recreate the pharmacology thread
recreate the pathology thread Some possibilities:
Hire 2 course directors
Basic scientist, generalist clinician
Hire educator to help with tying objectives to Step 1 and assessment
this person will eventually work for all courses
Modular directors to help with section heads
Pharmacy longitudinal
Path modular heads
Assure administrative support What has been done to date?
Discussions with IMS chairman, several faculty
Ideas brought to APPLE Educational subgroup
Meeting with Gardner
Meeting with COM Educational Leadership Team
Meeting set up with student affairs, enrollment services, academic services
Mapping of pharmacology being done
Analysis of modules and their relation to Step 1 done General Pathology Gap analysis done
This was the result Course Director: Carl Schaub
Co-Directors: Daniel Wasdahl
Carmen Julius PCM changes:
cont with no exams
diversity component
fewer lectures
CSA 2 staying within PCM Other M1 happenings: Health Care Delivery Systems : needs a COM course director
more students!! Same amount of space and faculty!
Block schedule still working itself out...
M1 course directors meeting to look at timing.
Post-course student focus groups MTC and PBM
CSU : Successful M1 year Continue with Health Systems Questionnaires and IHI online module (JS)
Looking at Transitions of Care
Patient Centered Medical Home
Evidence-Based Medicine Application
Patient Safety Continue with online ROD Continue with PACE culmination experience
JS working with BP, LZ, MS Capstone Addition of ROD CSA 4 (SLS, JS)
needs to be within the curriculum
needs aligned with other CSAs Big Themes:
Course objectives
Tied to assessment
Tied to Step 1 or 2
Tied to COM objectives
Formative evaluation Questions?? What can we do?
Learn about other schools
(start with POM??)
Continue to learn about NEOMED
(where to go now?) LMT
Centered in FCM
Oversight and connections
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