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No description

Michael Troute

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Sparta

Sparta Ryan Bellisimo and Michael Troute Spartan Childhood Babies Examined at birth by the council of elders If unfit or crippled, the child was thrown off Mt. Taygetos If they were fit, allowed to stay with mother, learning things such as the classics Given to the government At 12 they started their training to become a full time soldier Ages 7-11 The mother removed everything around the child so he/she would not develope a sense of fear or wouldnt be traumatized by anything Age 12 Educated mainly in military tactics and stragies stuck strictly to war education with the exception of athletics and Homer's epics On 12th birthday they applied for the army known as the Ageles learned to endure pain, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and lack of sleep they used the same pair of clothes throughout the whole year and walked without shoes encouraged to steal to compisate the lack of food they were giving, however, if caught they were punished Male Adults Most of the men were chosen to join the army Others could be blacksmiths or tailors Whenever a war happened all the men were called to take part Female Adults Females in Sparta were more important than in Athens Taught to read and write Took charge of the household Contributions Spartan's main and only contribution to the modern world was in warfare Athens to Sparta Sparta Athens made most alot of the military strategies we use today and it was said that Hitler got inspired by their way of life and war preperation Reward Throughout its rough way of life sparta, according to history, only gained power and the title as the war centrel of greece Contributions Athens had a colorful variety of contributions to tthe modern world such as, domecracy, great philosiphers and sculptors Athens held residence to many famous sculptors, philosiphers, scholars, soldiers, governers, baisically you name it they had it we postulate that the reason for Athens diverse prosperity is the presence of the abundent(for that time)freedom and choice Reward one major reward to athens diverse approach at life is the fact that today it is knownas the main city-state of greece and the one we know the most about Athens Sparta Both major city-states Athens is more diverse The Fall of Sparta Sparta broke with a snap because of their in ability to change http://www.sikyon.com/sparta/images/soldiers.jpg The first contibuter to sparta's defeat was themselves There was a group of Spartan citzens called the inferiros who challenged the way of the spartan life the leader of the inferiors was a young police man named Cinadon Sparta got in a fight with Thebe's at Leuctra Suprisingly Sparta lost two Thebes in the battle of leuctra and they were demoted and never rose to power again http://media.photobucket.com/image/ancient%20spartan%20battle%20of%20leuctra/Nephtys/Miscellaneous/Ancient_Warfare/Battle_of_Leuctra_371_BC.jpg http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/images/SpartanWomanShieldBarbier.jpg http://www.larkin.net.au/ah_hsc/Sparta/images/12_agoge.jpg Focused on the arts Valued intelect Did not care about phisical faults No individuality Constantly at war No focus on arts Had many architects, sculpters, artists and inventors Responsible for many
of our most important things Worked together in
Persian war Signed the peace of Nicias together Believed the only way to live was the military way
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