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Digital Communications

No description

Gabrielle Santos

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Digital Communications

To communicate the family of a new heir to come, were hours on the phone talking to all the relatives, it is now simple, fast and cheap, and everyone will be aware at the same time.
the internet before held him at home, today not hold or at home.
It establishes a new form of communication affecting the set of social relations, not just the communication strictly, but at all levels, personal communication, interpersonal relationships, at work, in institutions, industry ... According Antonio B Duarte Jr , director of Arth Computing, "digital technology offers all possibilities already explored in the press, on radio and television, with two advantages:. the speed and the interaction the individual is not only in the role of passive recipient, there is a possibility of choice, there are decisions to be made. "There is now a single productive power that is not directly or indirectly engaged in some form of digital communication interface.
Digital Communications

To get a job were hours of waiting in line, are now just a few minutes on the Internet
Buy Christmas gift was his nightmare today is easy to fill the cart
before you knew did not ask the older, now you ask google
As the evolution of man communication also transformed and evolved with society.

Before you knew you had friends, but did not know there were so many better can still keep in touch with everyone.
If before we would gather more than 1,500 people in a large room to watch so silent film, today we are also gather to watch videos and the number of people is even higher.
listen to music has always been a great pleasure, but occupied a large part of the room, now occupies part of your pocket.
If it was difficult to record video to show later everyone, today you can show everyone during recording
Many never imagined that one day communications would be digital, but today who can live without digitally communicate ?

Communication today moves the means for a world without complication

With digital communication reach diverse sectors of global society that we do not make idea of the size that can take
because the world today is digital and makes has a big evolution and change in communication and the rest of actions taking place in the world at all levels, communicating personal relationships, interpersonal, work, institutions, industry...
Gabrielle Catharina
Julia Amadatsu
Rafael Candido
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