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" The Lady or, the Tiger" Theme, Tone, Mood

No description

mea blackmon

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of " The Lady or, the Tiger" Theme, Tone, Mood

Determination and freewill
The theme of this short story is determination and freewill because the semi barbaric king had his prisoners decide their fate by letting them choose the door they would go through. One having the beautiful lady behind it and the other the aggressive tiger
The tone in this short story is very tense because the king wants the boy dead but his daughter the princess loves this man and either way shes going to be heartbroken because both doors lead to him being taken away from her.
The mood of this short story is very suspenseful because of the not knowing of which door the man will choose and which door the lady is behind and which one the tiger is behind
" The Lady or, the Tiger" Theme, Tone, Mood
By: Mea Blackmon
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