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Things fall apart. Strength quotes

No description

Forrest Ferrell

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Things fall apart. Strength quotes

Chapter 10 chapter 9 chapter 7 "You, who are known in all the nine villages for your valor in war.(65)" Chapter 8 "They were among the best wrestlers in all the nine villages(49)." Chapter 6 Chapter 5 "To show affection was a sign of weakness;
the only thing worth demonstrating was strength.(28)" Chapter 4 Chapter three " Okonkwo worked daily on his farms...he was a very strong man and rarely felt fatigue.(13)" Chapter 2 Things fall apart has many strong people
Chapter one Things Fall Apart
Forrest Ferrell " There was something in it like the companionship of equals, which was strengthened by such little conspiracies as eating eggs in the bedroom(77)." " At a very early age when he was striving desperately to build a barn through share-cropping Okonkwo was also fending for his father`s house.(22)" "As a man of eighteen he had brought honor to his village by throwing Amalinize the cat.(3)" Okonkwo threw the wrestler with great strength. Okonkwo gained fame and honor for doing this The old men said it was the fiercest
fight since the founding of their village. Okonkwo`s farms were the only things he loved the most He would stay in his farms till dusk to dawn Okonkwo ruled his house,children, and wives Okonkwo`s father was very lazy and did not do anything for the village Okonkwo had to live on his own because his father did not care. Okonkwo had to grow crop and share it save up to build his fathers barn Okonkwo did not show weakness or affection to any one If okonkwo showed weakness, he would not be feared Okonkwo did not show love even to his wives and daughter Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 " Ekwefi was a woman of 45 who had suffered a great deal in her time (40)." Ekwefi was okonkwo`s oldest wife. She is severly beaten by him. She is still one of the strongest. What does Things Fall Apart teach us about strength? What does it really mean to be strong for others? What are the dangers of being too strong, or being obsessed with strength? chapter 17 Umofias wrestlers were the best. Umofia was known for its fierce fighting. Okonkwo did not wrestle, but he did enjoy watching. "He was afraid of being thought weak" (61) Okonkwo killed Ikemefuna with no sign of weakness. Okonkwo tries to keep his weakness from the villagers and himself.
He feels if anybody sees a sign of weakness, he would not be a leader. Okonkwo questions himself on his strength. When he was young he was feared in all 9 villages. Okonkwo is still feared by many villages and people. Ekwefi`s baby's keep dying on her. She had birthed 10 children before having one live for only 2 weeks. After the 2nd death, Okonkwo went to a medicine man Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 "It is not bravery when a man fights with a woman(82)." Evil Forest listens to the case about Uzowulu and his wife.
Uzowulu says her kin took her and never gave her back.
Her family told Evil Forest that uzowulu beat her heavily.
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