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Animation production pipeline

No description

Zulkifly Amirudin

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Animation production pipeline

Layout Stage

-prepare layout based on storyboard.
-follow staging, poses, facial expression.
-prepare BG layout based on storyboard
-checking for quality.
-Retake/Redo if necessary.
-Finally prepare for Layout Linetest
BG Stage

-get BG layout prepared by Layout Artist.
-understanding Bg layout and storyboard.
-prepare for BG colors
-separate layers if necessary
-checking for quality.
-Retake/Redo if necessary
Animation Stage

-get layout & Bg files.
-start animation by adding in-between (IB) for all poses, fx, camera works etc.
-add lipsync for talking character.
-make it alive and interesting.
-checking for quality.
-Retake/Redo if necessary
-Prepare for Animation Linetest
Clean Up &
Ink and Paint
-Some project require this stage, while some not.
-Need to clean up every lines on every single frames and drawing on every scenes.
-Filling up colors for every drawings on each frames, according to color design.
-Checking for quality.
-Retake/ Redo if necessary

Idea, development, pitching.
Prepare storyline and research.
Prepare Concept Art.
Prepare Design (Characters, Backgrounds, Props.
Prepare Script
Audio Recording.
Create Storyboard, prepare timing.
Prepare animatic.

Post Production
-Involve on stage of production.
prepare animatic
slice animatic and audio into scenes
prepare layout linetest
prepare animation linetest
-Post production:
prepare color linetest.
final render for shipping to client.
Background: the house in Totoro.
Background: Treehouse in My little pony
Lips code example
Aang and Zuko Dragon Dance.
From "Avatar: The Last Airbender"
Character: Jumba, from Lilo Stich
Chatacter: Ariel and Flounder, from Little Mermaid
Character: Tiana, from Princess and The Frog
by Zulkifly Amirudin
character development, Aang
"I'm drawing and creating everything right inside Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. The drawing tools are amazing!"
— Larry Rains, Animator and Illustrator
Concept, Storyboard,
Script, Audio
BG, Layout,
scrum & review
final review
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