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Canadian Confederation: Northwest Territories

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meagan gostick

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Canadian Confederation: Northwest Territories

Canadian Confederation: Northwest Territories
Key Leaders:
At the time Sir William MacDougall was the Lieutenant governor. He was born in 1822 in York ( Now Toronto) and died in 1905. He was a Lawyer as well as a politician.
Before Confederation:
Before confederation Northwest Territories was Canada but wasn't part of confederation. They joined confederation July 15 1870 and were deciding either to join confederation and be with the other provinces and territories or not to join and be on their own. Not being with confederation there was some cons. Some cons were that they would have to trade with other countries on their own. So pros are that they could have their own laws and not have to follow the other laws.

Reasons for Confederation:
There are a number of reasons why Northwest territories wanted to join the Confederation. Here are a few.
Reasons against Confederation:
Northwest Territories delayed entering the confederation because of the Red River Rebellion. The Red River Rebellion was a Rebellion in the Red River Settlement (Now Manitoba) in 1869-1870. fort Gary was owned by Hudson's Bay Company, the Canadian government appointed William MacDougall (Who was opposed by the Métis) the people of the settlement.

After Confederation:
The Canadian Confederation was a big time! It's when all of the provinces and territories became part of their own country. Join us on our journey and learn how Northwest Territories became part of Canada.
When Northwest Territories joined Canadian Confederation:
Northwest Territories joined the Confederation on July 15th 1870 when The Hudsons Bay Company makes Ruperts Land and Northwestern-Territory part of Canada's Government.

1. In 1841 there were an equal amount of seats in both Canada West's and Canada East's Legislative Assemblies. This this lead to constant disagreements
2. Canada West and East, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had it's own railway, but there were no interlocking railways, making importing and exporting trades hard, but, if all of Canada joined the Confederation, they could make an intercolonial railway.

3. The Reciprocity treaty was ended and free trade ended along with it. This is because after America ended the Reciprocity Treaty, they had no one to trade with, so the idea of joining together so they could trade with each other was formed.

4. There was a possibility America would expand and take land. Since In America's civil war in the 1960's BNA helped out the Southern States in the civil war and the Northern states were not happy about that. BNA was worried about an invasion. They joined together to strengthen their army.

5. People wanted to settle in Ruperts Land and NorthWest Territories more often. Like I said before, there were threats of an American Invasion and people wanted to take the land before they did.

When Northwest Territories joined the Confederation It took up more that half the country! But as other Provinces joined and grew they took bits of land off, leaving Northwest territories the way it is today
Black Writing:
Meagan Gostick
Red Writing:
Haley Anderson
Thanks for listening!
In 1870, when Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory became the property of Canada and were renamed the Northwest Territories, they were governed directly by Ottawa. The Act for the temporary government of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory when united with Canada created a temporary government led by a lieutenant-governor (the first was William Mac Dougall), and a council appointed by Ottawa.
Northwest Territories Government:
My resources:
Northwest Territories 1870:
In 1870 Northwest Territories wasn't like it is today. It took up most of 'Canada'. Until it was broken up to make Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and Nunavut. But it is still pretty big.
Map of Canada before Confederation:
Map of Canada today:
What was life like in Canada in 1870?
Life was way different back then than it is now. People living in 1870 made a change in the way the Canada is today. If Northwest Territories didn't decide to join Canada they would have been on their own and been their own country. William Mc Dougall made a big difference in the way Canada is today. He and some other people are the people who had an effect on Canada today. And they are also the people that made Canada, Canada. Even if we didn't have Northwest Territories we wouldn't have some of the things we have today. So life you wouldn't imagine how bad it was and how intense things were.
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