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Saltcellar of Francis I

No description

River Hunt

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Saltcellar of Francis I

Salt Cellar of Francis I
Other Pieces By Cellini
Salt Cellar of Francis I
Cellini's Life
Lived November 3rd, 1500- February 13th 1571
Goldsmith, Sculptor, Painter, Draftsman, Soldier, and Musician.
He wrote an autobiography.
One of the most important artists of mannerism (unbalanced or unstructured art)
Cellini was accused of blood revenge in 1529 for the murder of his brother's killer.
He was accused or charged with sodomy once with a woman, and at least three times with men
Admitted to three murders
Info About the Art
One of the greatest examples of mannerism
It features Neptune (the Sea) and Terra ( the Earth)
Both figures are elongated in a strange fashion.
There are two small bins on the top of the lid for holding salt and pepper.
Perseus with the Head of Medusa
Bust of
Bindo Altoviti
Portrait Medal of
Fun Fact!
The Salt Cellar (669726 Dollars) was stolen from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in 2003 and returned in 2008.
This piece is one of the greatest examples of mannerism and features elongated forms of both Terra and Neptune.
The mannerist style truly embodies Cellini's crazy lifestyle.

This piece is one of the most ionic art works of the High Renaissance.
River Roseveare-Hunt
Cooper Koslofsky
Ms. Starmer
4 April 2014

Benvenuto Cellini
By Cellini
The thief set the alarms off after climbing the scaffolding and smashing a window with a rock.

It was dismissed as a false alarm
What we think
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