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Learning Styles & Effective Study Strategies

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Laura Marcus

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Learning Styles & Effective Study Strategies

Learning Styles & Effective Study Strategies By: Laura, Liz, Erinel, and Tiffany - Auditory
- Visual
- Tactile What are the Three Types of Learning Styles? - Visual learners learn when ideas, concepts and data are associated with images and techniques.
- pictures, graphs, notes, and maps Visual Learner Everyone learns differently, so everyone studies differently
not only how you study is important, where, when, and with who also matters!
Many different and effective ways to study
Switch it up! Effective Study Srategies Think about what classes you are doing better in and how the classes are taught versus the classes you aren't doing that well in.
Search for assessments online. How to find Out what Type of Learner You Are: Switching up where you study can actually help you improve
Keep it organized!
Where are some places on campus you study best? Where you Study Prioritize
Study ahead of time
Divide your time appropriate
Block distracting websites if you need to! Avoid Procrastination! Get help early!
Make use of your resources
•Talk to TAs and other students who have taken the class
Contact your professor or meet with him/her after class
Check out the AEC! Get Help if you Need it! Study in intervals
Take breaks!
Study important info first
Rewrite/type your notes after class
Make flashcards (quizlet)
Make connections
Pay attention to Vocab! How you Study students learn best through listening
Learns through lectures, participating in class discussions, and notes Auditory Learners A tactile learner learns best while carrying out a physical activity.
Learns though labs, projects, and other applications. Tactile Learner So that you can study more effectively
So that you can write your notes in a better way

it is important to get used to learning with the other learning styles. Why is it important to know how you learn best? Auditory
Read out loud.
Repeat after reading.

Draw pictures and graphs.
Look at presentations/videos.

Go on Field Trips
Participate in hands-on activities. Learning Strategy Based on Style Academic Enhancement Center Transition high school to college Expert Learning Specialist http://www.uri.edu/aec/resources.php Make and appointment
Call (401) 874-2367 or Walk in Test anxiety
Study strategies with specific courses
They help you remember, understand, and apply How can they help you? Learning styles are different approaches to learning.
Each person learns best using a certain learning style.
We use our senses to process information.
A person could even have two learning styles that work for him/her. What are Learning Styles? Learning strategies are the different methods used to understand information.
There are several learning strategies and one must find out which ones to keep using and which ones to avoid. What are Learning Strategies? After each "When you" statement, circle the letter that goes with the answer that best describes yourself.
Then, walk to the"A", "B", or "C" corner accordingly. ABCs of Learning Style Questions?
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