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Tobacco Advertising Laws

Explains the laws about advertising tobacco and gives the opinion on the idea from both sides, yes or no?

Keenan Galambos

on 23 September 2010

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Transcript of Tobacco Advertising Laws

Tobacco Advertising.

Yes or No? Should shop owners be allowed to advertise their tobacco? Some people say yes some say no. What do you say? Iroquois model: you don't have to hide your products but you shouldn't have big signs saying "BUY TOBACCO". Some people may say why do the tobacco companies have to be penalized when other companies advertise other dangerous products as well? i.e/ guns, vodka, etc. They also argue that banning tobacco from being advertised is interfering with our freedom of speech rights. People against the tobacco advertising say that if adults want to smoke that is there choice, but it should not be influenced by ads. They say the companies that produce the tobacco should not be allowed to advertise and build demand for such a dangerous product. So we have 2 questions for you: Do you think tobacco advertisments should be banned? And do you think the same should apply for anti-smoking advertisments?
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