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Charlotte's Web


Madelyn Waller

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Charlotte's Web


By: E.B White
Plot Devices:
Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action, Falling Action, Climax, and Resolution
It's a sweet life on the farm. Fern is a little girl taking care of a little pig named Wilbur who was almost killed by Fern's father. After 5 weeks Fern has to give up Wilbur and put him in a real barn. So she puts him in her Uncle Zuckermans barn.
Conflict (external/internal)
Since Wilbur is getting big and fat, and that it's getting close to Christmas, Zuckerman is planning to kill Wilbur.
When Wilbur first entered the barn, he had no friends and no one wanted to be his friend, so he started getting lonely and sad
Rising Action
After a few days, a spider named Charlotte befriends Wilbur
Wilbur grows and the goose warns Wilbur that he will get killed and eaten for Christmas
Charlotte promises she will save Wilbur's life with a plan
Charlotte just promised Wilbur she will come up with a plan, so she's going to put a word on the web to trick the humans into thinking it's a miracle. They'll think Wilbur is really special and will not want to kill him. Charlotte asks a rat named Templeton to give her a word, so the 1st word she is given is "Some Pig"
Falling Action
all around the world, tourists come to see the amazing pig
as soon as people get bored with "some pig" Charlotte puts the word "Terrific" on her web
The 3rd word she puts on the web is "Radiant" which just increases Wilbur's popularity
Wilbur is off to the fair, but Charlotte is becoming sick
The last word that is put on the web is "Humble"
Wilbur is presented with a prestigious award for the appreciation of being terrific, radiant, humble and "some pig"
Wilbur is back home and is not killed for Christmas, but sadly Charlotte dies after the award ceremony. Charlotte's egg hatches and her babies leave the barn and Wilbur. But 3 of Charlotte's babies stay with Wilbur, and more and more of Charlotte's children and grandchildren continue to stay with Wilbur for life.
Main Characters:
Wilbur, Charlotte, and Fern
Subordinate Characters:
Zuckerman, Fern's mother, Templeton

Templeton, Zuckerman
Fern's mother, Fern

Theme and Point of View
of this story is clearly Friendship. Wilbur and Charlotte have been super loyal to each other and have become really great friends. Charlotte put Wilbur's life in her hands, and Wilbur trusted Charlotte to save him from being killed.
We couldn't see more loyal friends than this.
Point of View:
3rd person omniscient
Other Elements:
Symbolism, Allegory, Ambiguity,
and Irony
The symbol in the story is the web because the web made by Charlotte literally saved Wilbur's life and made him more popular and confident.

"A miracle has happened and a sign on the web has occurred here on Earth, right on our farm, and we have no ordinary pig."
All throughout the story Wilbur is trapped in a cardboard box, cage, or behind a fence. The only time he get's free is when he pushes open the fence and finds freedom. Since he was born and raised indoors he's never been outside alone, so freedom was scary for him. A picture in the story defines allegory because it just looks like a pig breaking free, but it's actually him stepping out in the world for the first time.
Before the miracle happened we were waiting for a plan from Charlotte. No one knew what was going to be, everyone was just waiting and waiting and waiting. This shows ambiguity because Charlotte and the other animals didn't know what the plan was or if it was going to work so they were very uncertain and doubtful.
Irony (dramatic and situational)
We all know Charlotte was trying to save Wilbur but from all the energy used up trying to save Wilbur, Charlotte was growing weak and sick, so it's ironic that Charlotte saved Wilbur's life, but lost her life in the process

We see no dramatic irony
Presentation by: Madelyn Waller
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