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Copy of 340 Subject Verb Agreement

Dealing with the S in subject-verb agreement

John Graney

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of Copy of 340 Subject Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement present tense Be verb Tom and Linda work together. They work at the bank. To add an S
or not to? Have verb Do verb Singular Nouns When do I
add an "S"? Count nouns Non Count Nouns Collective
Nouns Gerunds and
Infinitives The student is looking for a parking space. The homework is difficult. Swimming is my favorite type of exercise. The staff is in agreement about the policy. Singular Plural Noun modals might, may, can, could, will, would, must, ought to, had better No subject verb agreement He will come for the car. She may study with us. They can't remember his number. Indefinite Pronouns = 3rd person when do I use
an 's'? Yes No auxiliary verbs It depends
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