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Our Lady of Fatima and the Three Children

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Jackie Aruffo

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Our Lady of Fatima and the Three Children

Historical Background
Secular Background- At the time of the apparitions, the world was fighting World War 1.

Our Lady of Fatima and the Three Children
The Children
There were three children: Lucia, Juanita, and Francisco. Their families worked as poor farmers near Fatima, Portugal.
Lucia was ten years old when the apparitions happened. As a teen she became a nun. She lived to be 97 years old and died in 2005.
Juanita(7) and Francisco(9) were siblings. They were the cousins of Lucia. They both died of Influenza within 28 months of the miracle.

Religious Background- At that time, the Church in Portugal was banned from society. The Portuguese Republican Party had taken over the government and wanted to eliminate Catholicism in Portugal.
The First Apparitions
The cousins were watching sheep when they saw visions of angels that told them to have patience for the suffering ahead. On May 13, 1917, they saw a lady in white (Mary) who told them to pray the rosary every day for a month in order to end World War 1. Juanita told people of the visions and many came to watch, but no one could see them except for the children.
The Three Secrets
In July, 1917. the vision of Mary showed the children a vision of Hell and gave them three secrets.
The first secret was that World War 1 would end, but if there was not prayer, there would be a conflict and the sign that it would come would be a light in the sky.
The second secret was that without devotion to the immaculate heart of Mary, Russia would spread its errors upon the world (communism).
The third secret was a prediction of the assassination of a Pope.
In August, 1917, the children were put in jail because the authorities did not believe in the visions that they were seeing. The authorities threatened them to try to get them to say the three secrets, but the children refused to tell them. After a few days, they were let out of prison. Mary came a few days later to tell them to continue to have faith and pray the rosary.
The Miracle of the Sun
In October, more than 70,000 people came to watch Mary's miracle. It was raining until Mary rose into the sky and made the sun shine very brightly. The sun then began to dance around the sky for about ten minutes. People were amazed at what had happened.
Secular- Our Lady of Fatima revealed many events that would happen in the world, such as, the end of World War 1, and the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. Her anti-communist message also reinforced many conspiracy theories that said that the Soviet security service supported the assassination attempt made by Mehmet Ali Agca.
Religious- Our Lady of Fatima helped bring Christians together and give them hope, especially in Portugal.
Thank You For Watching!
by Jackie Aruffo
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