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Thomas Edison

No description

Jake Statefarm

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Thomas Edison

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

-Thomas Edison

-Born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio
-Was in and out of school and quit at age 12
- Sold newspapers on a train
- Was partially deaf
-Became a telegraph operator.
-He improved the telegraph so that he could hear the dashes and dots
- He also had diabetes
Economic Impact
- Edison made lights much cheaper. Lights depended on electricity which is cheaper than having to buy wax every time they needed light.
- Mass produced lights so they are cheap.
- Edison was also a great businessman

Social Impact
Impact on America Today
- Since Edison is so famous, there were a number of buildings and objects that were made and named after Edison. A few examples are the IEEE Edison Medal, Edison High School, and Edison, New Jersey.
- If Thomas Edison had not been alive, things would have been very different today. Tesla might not have actually thought of AC and things could have been drastically different
Forrest Jin
Justin Shao
Menlo Park Lab Before it Burned Down
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison as a boy
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison's Parents
Picture Of Edison's Family

- Edison wasn't the first person to make the lightbulb, he just improved it to make it environmentally safe.
- Humphrey Davy was the first person to make the lightbulb
- Made a lab at Menlo Park where he got the nickname " The Wizard of Menlo Park"
-Made Kinetoscopes (viewing machine)
- Made the phonograph
- Made the movie camera
- Made the silent movie because he was unable to add sound to the tapes.
- Invented carbon microphone
- Electric power distribution
Humphrey Davis
Made The First Light Bulb
Carbon Microphone
Movie Camera
EXTRA: Nikola Tesla, Rival
Nikola Tesla was hired by Edison to work in his invention factory. He wanted to improve the power generators from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) which was much more efficient. Edison said that he would pay him $50, 000, equivalent of $1, 100, 000 today, but when Tesla finished the job, Thomas said that he was joking with the payment. Tesla later went to George Westinghouse, a man, to commercialize the AC idea. The problem was that it was competition against Edison's DC generators. This began the War of Currents. Tesla later won because DC was killed a number of children and caused many house fires. Edison finally changed to AC.
Mass Produciton
- Edison work changed millions of lives.
- Caused more injuries and fires with electricity until he switched to AC
- Made lives more comfortable and easier
-People would not have to keep buying new candles
-He helped make cars by providing batteries for Henry Ford, his friend. This allowed easier transportation.
-Crime went down when the streets were brighter.
Thomas Edison's Wife
Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison
DC vs Ac
Old Vintage Light Bulb

Elephant that was electrocuted by Thomas Edison to try and stop AC from becoming more popular than DC
IEEE Edison Medal
USS Thomas A. Edison
Thomas A. Edison High School
Edison, New Jersey
Henery Ford And Thomas Edison
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