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GIS-It is widely applied to property industry

No description

Gaohan Huang

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of GIS-It is widely applied to property industry

GIS - 'It is Widely applied to the Property industry'
Introduction and History
GIS Applications-
Case Studies
Additional Info...
What is GIS?
GIS Past and Now
GIS Applications
• MapInfo Professional
•Mapping and geographic analysis
•Hilb Rogal &Hobbs (HRH): 8th largest insurance brokerage firm in the United States with over 125 firms
•Earthquake, Hurricane, Wind Storm, Terrorism and Flood Zone

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Digital tool use List
Photoshop cs6
Research Engine-Google
Online Journal
Hope you enjoy our presentation!

Brought to you by: Fan Zhang, Gaohan Huang and Ran Wang
What can you do with GIS?
Data for capturing
Locate geographic features.
Measure geographic features
Analysis geographic data
Identify distributions
After two months of study, Our group discovered GIS application had changed the operations of the property industry dramatically in various ways. It make the property work more efficiently. This presentation will give an insight on GIS, and various case studies related using GIS application to make property work more valuable.
ArcGIS- Geostatistical Analyst
•Yao Zhou County, Shanxi China
•Property development
Analyse quality of the surface by:
- Exploratory spatial data analysis
- Structural analysis
- Surface prediction and assessment results

Value of ArcGIS:
•Eliminating/Preventing Risks
•Safety and Security for local developments

Diagram -Process
Decided to apply the Cadcorp SIS software suite in 2002
Main factors of choosing Cadcorp SIS
Data handling capabilities
Ability to read a great deal of data formats 'out-of-the-box'
Ease of use
Low maintenance charges
Modular software approach
Map Modeller
Map Viewer
Cadcorp SIS in estate management
Traditional paper maps:
Updated manually
Associated information held either in paper files or in a separate database
Knight Frank used Cadcorp SIS to
Create the digital map database
Overlay colours on various layers
Add missing data and create a 'style library'
Create a base map of the estate ownership
Download the GPS survey data to edit the existing map data
Create and manage a comprehensive tabular database containing searchable details
•Meeting the needs of the clients by providing a clear view on the exposures

•Market Share and brighter future

Figure 2
MapInfo'Example' Figure 1
11723350- Ran Wang
11620275- Fan Zhang
11526934- Gaohan Huang

Digital Build Environment- 16137
10 September 2013
Digital mapping/GIS:
Case study in Hangzhou, China
Huge amount of annual trade in real estate
Time-consuming, Complicated procedures
Seek for functional, efficient, easy and quick solution
As a result
Support a great deal of data formats (160+)
Access databases directly, no middleware needed
Contain OGC® certified-compliant implementations
Fully interoperable
Simple and consistent user interface
Easy to customise

Comprehensive solution for real estate management
Supports multiple large-scale relational databases and OSs
Has 10 application sub systems
Integrative, Dynamic, Seamless, Flexible, Customized

SuperMap RIS Solution
Integration of all transactions
Integration of GIS, MIS, OA and CAD
Integration of data
Integration of internal transaction management and external services
highly efficient and effective
Administrative burden relieved dramatically
Access and perform transaction remotely
Make informed decision according to the analysis performed by SuperMap RIS

Submit application online
Check the progress of transaction
Easy to operate
Save their time
GIS Application
Web GIS Application
Knight Frank (Case study)
One of the world's leading independent global property consultancies
Provides a range of specialist property-related services
Founded in London in 1896
Has nearly 40 offices in UK and over 200 offices in other 30 countries
Cadcorp SIS
(Spatial Information System)
Cadcorp SIS in property sales
Producing accurate, clear, professionally presented and full colour maps showing the property for sale

Producing appropriate maps easily indicating the extent of separated lots and providing the prospective buyer with detailed information
20th century
Digital mapping/GIS:
Effective and Efficient
Maps are the base of estate management
SuperMap RIS
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