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Roman Oil Lamps

No description

K Sherman

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Roman Oil Lamps

Fortis Oil Lamps Fortis is a popular manufacturer of oil lamps in the Roman Empire. Their primary center for production is in Mutina in northern Italy. Why Fortis lamps? Fortis are firmalampen, or "factory lamps." They are quality made lamps. They come with a variety of decorations, including floral and fauna motifs, mythological scenes, animals, erotic images, and even phrases and mottoes. They only cost 1 as. They are so inexpensive because we cut down on transportation expenses with the use of branch workshops.
Many models come with two wick-holes, which allow for brighter, smokeless lights. Our lamps are so popular that they are sold on three continents. How do you know that they are Fortis lamps? Every oil lamp is stamped on the bottom. Our lamps are easily to find, as we have nearly 30 workshops in Europe and several in North Africa. We use the Roman business practice of institores to garuantee the quality of the lamps. Uses for lamps:
Domestic and commercial illumination
Religious purposes
-temple illumination
-votive offering
They are made with molds, rather than by hand, which allows for all of our lamps achieve a standard quality and expand the range of decorations available.
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