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Social convergence and incident communications

How social networks and mobile technologies have changed crisis communications

patrice cloutier

on 12 June 2016

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Transcript of Social convergence and incident communications

Social Convergence and
Incident Communications

What we'll cover
Social convergence: what is it?
Its impact on incident communications
What emergency/public info officers do
How to be ready to communicate quickly

Social Convergence
Mobile Technologies
Add to situational awareness
What does social convergence mean for your?
Social Networks
Empowered citizens/volunteers
ability to mobilize people/data
Mobile Tech
68 % of Canadians own a smartphone...
Almost 25% have no land line phone ...

What does this mean for next gen 9-1-1 and alerting?
The power of mobile
cameras, videos
texts and tweets
GPS enabled
Social Networks
key info channel + sharing opinions
The "social animal"
reinforces age-old behaviours
everyone has an opinion
everyone is a witness or reporter

People and Data
Online communities
Social networks = resilience tools + faster recovery
Social convergence case studies
Four Mile Canyon Fire
Queensland floods
Superstorm Sandy
Boston Marathon Bombing
Tactical application
Four Mile Canyon
SM+ SMS as key EI tool + Twitter and pics combined on maps
First responders dispatched based on that data
Aussies Rule!
Queensland Floods
Crisis mapping and data integration
35 maps created by volunteers, media and agencies.
info and maps linked from official agencies
SM/volunteer-created sites often the only available info
“ … Queensland’s emergency services and the population at large took full advantage of the versatility and robustness of social media to prepare for and combat disaster …”
Sandy pays a visit!
Hurricane Sandy and social media:
a turning point ... extensive use of SM as EI tool
crisis mapping and crowdsourcing
rumour control .
Breeze Point fires
Boston Marathon
Social media: top of mind for 1st responders
and for the public
It's not just about social media
... don't focus on platforms (FB, Twitter, Youtube) but also
mobile tech
and what they allow =
the instantaneous sharing of information + perceptions/opinions
It's not YOUR emergency anymore
... audiences want to play a role ...
people no longer just want to be victims or witnesses
... they use social networks and mobile technology.
The era of organizations simply pushing info
during a crisis/emergency is over ... to be relevant you need to listen and gather
the info that's out there.
If everyone with a smartphone is a reporter ... than anyone wearing a badge or uniform is a spokesperson
What does social convergence mean for your?
Now four things to do at once during incidents

First, you need to warn and alert using the tools your audiences use (this means mobile devices and social media).
Second, as always, you need to respond ... but now you do so under lots more scrutiny ...
Third, you need to aggregate, analyze and curate the information available on social networks ...
Fourth, you need to engage in ongoing dialogue with your stakeholders, clients and the public ... also on social networks.
Move at the speed of social media to be relevant ...use mobile to have chance to be heard
1: Alert
Respond under constant scrutiny from media/public

3- Monitor social networks
Validate your own messaging
Detect false rumours (threats to public safety)
Isolate and route calls for help
Identify reputational threats
enhance situational awareness
sometimes the "crowd" gets it wrong
If the "bad guys" do it ... maybe you should too!
"social listening" has its rewards!
people will share
4- maintain a dialogue
to build/maintain trust
be a trusted/constant source of info
RCMPNB's avatar
RCMP New Brunswick

Shooter near Pinehurst subdivision - #Codiac #RCMPNB ask public to not give out information on police operation/location over social media.
11:59pm · 4 Jun 2014 · Hootsuite
Boston Police Dept. ✔ @bostonpolice

#MediaAlert: WARNING - Do Not Compromise Officer Safety/Tactics by Broadcasting Live Video of Officers While Approaching Search Locations
1:14 PM - 19 Apr 2013

Atlanta Police Dept @Atlanta_Police

If you CAN'T get through to 911 please send a message to us through Facebook or Twitter.
Why you need to listen
Call for the public to help
Boston Police Dept. ✔ @bostonpolice

#WANTED: Updated photo of 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev released. Suspect considered armed & dangerous.
and keep them informed until the end
CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.
and another: Christchurch
The 4 imperatives of incident communications
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