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Copy of Academy: 10 ways to say it with prezi

Prezi is simple: You Write, Zoom, Arrange.Using these simple means, you can express many things - with great impact.Here are some basic examples such as timelines, TOC, Zen likes.


on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Academy: 10 ways to say it with prezi

Definition make it tiny A trend is a change or development towards something new or different.
Trend Analysis
& Practical Examples IDAS Design Management
Lee Je Youn Trend Watch Thank You !! Sort of Trend Fad Micro Trend Mega Trend Meta Trend ~ 6 month & 1 year ~ 5 year & 10 year ~ 30 year ~ over Century John Naisbitt Alvin Toffler Peter Drucker Faith Popcorn Sam Hill Matthias Horxs "Significantly influence on our lives & Consensus" Fad < Trend How to
become a Trend Early Market = FAD Mainstream Market = TREND Everett Rogers, [ The Diffusion of Innovation] Tipping Point
: How little things can make a big difference Leading of Trends Diffusion Motive of Trends Diffusion Analysis of Trend Structure Mega Trend Socio-cultural Trend _________________________________ Life Style Trend Design Trend Color / Material Trend ____________________________________ ________________________________ Understanding Big Picture New Idea ___ ___ DesignerCreativity ___ ___ ___ "Innovation" CASE 1 trans fat crisis Trend Analysis Brunch + Coffee Culture + Sex in the City
+ New Experience Place NY Style Fodd "Coffee & Donuts & Bagle"
+ 2030 Single + cafeteria Decreasing Nestle Trend Analysis Customized + Homade + Coffee in Asia
+ Selling Contents Primium Capsule Coffee CASE 2 Politics : 2010 a local election
economy : G20 / Bubble Property
Social : Social Network / Glocal
Culture : Fantasy
Technology : Mobile / Bio / 3D
Eco : Renewable Energy / Bionics 6 Step
for Trend Analysis For Example -2011 SS Trend Watch- INTER FASHION PLANNING Monitoring News Clipping
Magazine / Trend Book
Lately Thesis
Desk Searching
Trend Conference
Newest Issue Book
Keywording Grouping Analysis Serminar Theme Categorize Visualizing Example Smart essence, Smart edit!!
and all of things are based on nature & dream "Brainstorming with Post it" Example Example Example Example Trend Forcasting & Consulting Final Result Definition If I have a time... !! the reason why the fashion trend more significant Step Color Trend Fabric Trend Collection Styling Color Book Fabric Book Silhouette & Detail Influence [Trend Book] [Fair & Trade Show] 24 month ~ 18 month 18 month ~ 12 month ~ 6 month ~ 24 month ~ 24 month ~ 12 month ~ 6 month Street & Collection No Boundary !! Trend Book Trend Union
Nelly Rodi
Peclers Appropriate Visualizong What Where Trade Show / Seminar / Fair
Collection / Street (Real Observation or Blog...)
Magazine (Fashion & Design & Interior ...... & ......)
Trend Magazine (Viewpoint, View 2, Textileview)
Book (Marketing & Several bestseller)
Trend Book
Entertainment (Celebrity, CF, TV Program)
Culture (Music, Movie, Art Exibition)
Retail Market Place
Newspaper (Textile / Global Fashion)
Consumer Life Style On-Line_Fashion Trend Research Company
: wgsn.com
: Style.com
: wwd.com
: dailycandy.com
: firstviewkorea.com
: ifp.co.kr
: samsungdesign.net
: fashionnetkorea.com http://www.trendwatching.com/ http://www.seri.org/ http://www.coolhunting.com/ http://www.trendhunter.com/ On-Line_Fashion Stret Blog
: color-stripes.blogspot.com
: thecracker.co.kr
: facehunter.blogspot.com
: jakandjil.com/blog
: thesartorialist.blogspot.com
: thestylerookie.com
: stylebubble.typepad.com
: leblogdebetty.com
: yourboyhood.com
: blog.naver.com/gustosignore Off-Line
: Oversea Business Trip
: Just Observation
: Fashion Show Visit
: Trade Show Visit
: Market Research Analysis with your Insight & Viewpoint Gathering all of thing as you can First Second Third How to Analysis TOMBOY BASICHOUSE Trend Team Marketing Team Trend Forecasting & Analysis
Market Research & Consumer Survey
New Business Strategy
Design Development
Seminar Planning
Archived Fashion Information Trend Forecasting & Analysis
Market Research & Consumer Survey
New Business Strategy
Brand Managemenet
Season Promotion Strategy a custom-made for TOMBOY Schedule Making Season Theme 1. Gathering Source 2. Analysis & Theme Categorize 3. Making Map 2010 FW
Product Strategy 2010 FW
Marketing Srategy Example Fashion Trend Practical Example Practical Example
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