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benjamin MICHEL

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Advertising

Every year, how much is spent on advertising ?
In your opinion, how many advertising messages can you see or listen on average per day, not necessarily consciously ?
Some Figures
A brief evolution of advertisement
"Let's be realistic: basically, the job of TF1 is to help Coca-Cola, for example, to sell its product. Nevertheless, for an advertisement to be perceived, the viewer's brain has to be available. Our programs are designed to make them available, that is to say, to entertain, to relax, to prepare them between two commercial messages. What we sell to Coca-Cola is time of attention of human brain. "
Patrick le Lay, TF1's PDG, 2004.
« Get targeted on kids. Prepare your target. Mark them the soonest possible. Only kids learn well. The Tobacco and Soda Companies know that the soonest kids taste the more addict they will be. The neuroscience taught them the ideal ages for easy learning ». Patrick Georges, Michel Badoc, "book on the neuromarketing", 2010.
In the 70s, a test was done, it consisted in a blind tasting of these two products. The result is simple, 75% of people preferred Pepsi even though the market reality is the opposite.
Scientists repeated the same blind test by exposing testers to a MRI scanner.
In the first part of the test, consumers don't know the brand of the cola they're tasting. The specific taste area of brain reacts violently when consumers drink Pepsi and noticeably less when it's Coca-Cola.
In the second part of the test, consumers know the brand when they're drinking the soda. With the MRI, scientists can see that with Coca-Cola, a new brain zone is more active. It's the memory zone.
Tobacco Companies
$500 billions dollars are spent each year for the publicity
To give an idea about this amount, just with 25% of its we can stop the hunger in the world.
TV is the first advertising media travel the world ( according to IDATE Institute)
In France, on average, someone watch TV 4 hours everyday (according to Médiamétrie)
For example, the publicity represent 60% of TF1's profits
75% of the movies that are coming out contain smoking scenes
These movies convey a really good image of smoking, with no consequences, no risks :
they don't show cancer, bad breath or yellow teeth
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