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Nate Benner

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Youtube

How is Social Media Marketing used on YouTube?
History of YouTube
Launched December 15, 2005
Created it to more easily upload videos to the internet.
Google bought it in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars.
Nike had the 1st million hit video.
Helped jumpstart artists careers such as Justin Bieber and Korean pop star Psy.
Gangnam Style is the most viewed video.
How Is YouTube Used For Advertising?
Businesses put videos of their product on a free channel. (GoPro)
Pay for their videos to pop up before the video a user is trying to watch.
By using AdWords it can select your target audience by gender, age, interests and location.
Businesses also buy banners to appear on the website
The Good and the Bad Campaigns
Why YouTube Might Be The Best Social Media Platform to Advertise On.
Viral Videos get your name out there.
People are forced to watch ad clips before the video they want to watch.
It's super easy to advertise. (3 steps)
YouTube uses AdWords to advertise to your target audience for you.
However, it can be VERY expensive.
Big Business Success
1.Terry Tate Office Linebacker (Reebok)
2. Terry Crews (Old Spice)
3. The World's Most Interesting Man (Dos Equis)
All through viral videos
Steps to Upload An Ad Video

How Spin Chips Would Advertise
Once the Spin Chips business and product has been created they would create a funny advertising video with a link to their site at the end.
They would create a channel and upload it for free.
Then they would follow the three steps to upload an ad video after filling out information about their demographic.
They would have to become a partner to buy banner space.
1. A Brief History of YouTube

2. How To Advertise On YouTube

3. Success and Failure Stories
Advertising Fails
Ragu. Alienated Men in their ad.
Issues with banner placement on viral videos.
Small Business Success
1. GoPro through viral videos
2. The Bad Breath Test (Orabrush)
CEO Dr. Bob Wagstaff tried most traditional strategies.
Used advice of college student in 2009.
Made the video with only $500
Video went viral
1,000,000 Orabrushes sold in 2010.
Created a loyal following
1. YouTube creates a loyal following if you can get your name out there.
2. There's an easy 3 step process to uploading videos.
3. Orabrush created a loyal following on a $500 commercial.
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