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Grade 8 Geography Mind Map

No description

Erin Grennell

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Grade 8 Geography Mind Map

Human Geography Mapping Patterns Settlement Patterns Population Patterns The Concentric Model Land Use Categories Urban Sprawl The outward movement of the city from the centre to the periphery. Zone in Transition CBD Newer Aged Housing Middle Aged Housing Economics Culture and Migration Residential Commercial Institutional Industrial Recreational Transportational Condos Apartments Parks Hockey Rinks Resteraunts Shopping Malls Jail Car Factories Food Factories Parliament Roads Parking Lots Ecumene High Order (few in number, large range of products)
Low Order (many in number, small range of products) the proportion of the planet with permanent human settlements.
Ecumene takes up only 20% of the land on Earth. Hierarchy of Settlements Hierarchy of Services Middle Order (moderate in number, medium range of products) Loblaws Banks Costco Home Depot 7-Eleven Dry Cleaners Low Order (many in number, small population, few services) Middle Order (moderate in number, medium population, medium number of services) High Order (few in number, large population, many services) Highest Order (Regional Centre) City Hamlet Village Town Grocery Store Primary School Health Clinic Convenience Store Superstore Secondary School Hospital University Regional Hospital Guidelines There are different types of maps... Cartograms
Dot-distribution Title Scale Border Legend Compass Date Linear
Clustered Resources Limited Unlimited Individual Society Wants Needs Time Money Land Labour Capital Scarcity the fundumental problem driving all economic sysems is scarcity
Limited Resources + Unlimited Wants and Needs = Scarcity Industries Primary Industries Secondary Industries
Tertiary Industries Economic Systems Market Economy Mixed Economy Command Economy Subsistence Traditional Trade What is culture?? The behaviour that people learn, made up of their beleif systems, languages, social patterns, political systems, organization, food and clothing customs and use of buildings, tools and machines. Human Factors of Production Natural Capital What is migration? Movement from one area to another. Artifacts Sociofacts Mentifacts the idea, values and beleifs of a culture the objects, hardware and technologies that a culture creates dictate our social behaviour and institutions Diffusion Types of Culture Folk Popular HDI Oppurtunity Costs vs. Financial Costs the cost of not doing the next best thing the monotory value of something Consumer
Producer Country (Human Development Index) What is it?? the spread of a new feature from one area to another What?? music, art, media and other cultural traits practiced by a diverse, large group of people. Where?? large urban centres What?? music, art, media and other cultural traits practices by a small, uniform group of people. Where?? small isolated rural communities Eco-Tourism Enviroment Economics Social an approach to travelling which creates a variety of tourism products that are good environmentally, economically and socially
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