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Young psy

No description

Crystal Chung

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Young psy

Journalist GE 2203 Professionals for Young Psychology Why we choose Journalist?? Interesting Discipline
Investigate and report cases and stories
Large social influence
Encounters lots of difficulties and stress
Help tackling journalist's challenges well Presentation Flow Personality
Thinking Method
Working with people
Working with environment Personality Openness
Neuroticism Motivation Intrinsic Motivators
Self-motivated engine
Curiosity, linguistic Interest, achievement
Extrinsic Motivators
Cannot associated with the job satisfaction
Salary, promotion, recognition
Expectancy Theory
Motivated to put your best effort to get desired reward Thinking Method Working with People Making good first impression
Stereotype and Prejudice
Self regulation
Value confrontation
Make good use of personalities Ho Yin Cheung (53093490)
Lin Sin Ling (53084966)
Chan Carmen (52228201)
Cheung Chung Ling (53072826)
Leung Cheuk Ning (53091515)
Chung Hiu Yan (52828753)
Kwok Wing Chi (53080979)
Au Yeung Sin Ting (53028876) Working with environment Importance of attention
Selective attention
Blocks of interpretation
Effective attention
Suggestion Stress
Meeting deadlines
Work overload
Working environment
Unexpected job
Psychological strike Poster Booklet Working in
different countries Writing
articles Doing
research Doing
multiple work Target: focus
on writing articles
Traveling Interview Freedom to write Cope with Stress Time Management
Write things down
Prioritize your listPlan your weekGoal base planning
Work in best golden time
Working overload
Working environmentPsychological strike
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